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5 Reasons D’banj And Don Jazzy’s Reunion May Not Work

The fans of the dynamic duo of Don Jazzy and D’banj have been waiting with bated breath since after their break up in 2012 for a reunion.

We can’t wait to hear “It’s Don Jazzy again” from the Kokomaster.

With recent murmurings from both camps signalling an imminent comeback, including a reassurance from Don Jazzy during a press conference, we look at five reasons why our raised hopes might just be dashed sooner than later.

1. Strained relationship

No matter how we look at it, there is serious bad blood between these two even if they won’t admit it in public.

We can still recall at Tuface’s 40th anniversary celebration in September when the legendary singer pleaded for at least a song from the duo.

D’banj appeared enthusiastic at the idea but Don Jazzy turned his back on the stage, shaking his head.

Although that gesture may have been countered by his recent claim of wanting to work with D’banj but being impeded by their schedules, we still doubt that anything will come of it.

2. Ego

D’banj has been rumoured to posses a huge ego, which in the past prevented collaborations with other artists.

It was also reported back in 2012 that their split was based on dispute over who owned and controlled what at their then record label Mo’Hits, with D’banj claiming the lion’s share.

Despite the passage of time and maybe some maturity on each part, there is the possibility of more clashes in any future partnerships.

3. Mavin Records’ Growth

Mavin Records is arguably the biggest label in Nigeria currently and Don Jazzy will not watch his efforts on the label dwindle at the expense of making D’Banj Africa’s greatest again.

He will prefer a superstar Reekado Banks than a mega star D’Banj

4. Compatibility

Out of sight is out of mind: we can’t expect the same kind of chemistry they shared during their first stint together to still be there.

Four years is a long time apart and it will definitely affect the output of their work. How will “It’s Don Jazzy again sound” on D’Banj’s lips now?

5. Business Disagreement

It might be a rumour but rumours often have elements of truth. Money and revenue sharing was part of what caused D’Banj’s and Don Jazzy’s split in 2011 and both parties will be cautious going forward or they may want to avoid such disagreements entirely.

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