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iPhone Users: How To Stop Your Phone’s Data From Swallowing Your Money

If you are having a hard time keeping your data plan within your budget, then this is for you!

As with most video streaming channels, there’s always a cute funny video to watch, or an Instagram feed to browse through. More often than not, it can be a tough call knowing how much data your phone is consuming if the link you are about to click will be the content that drives you to over-usage limits.

Thankfully, recent Apple devices have built in a new feature to help you trim down data usage.

Checkout The Following Tips below:-

Tip 1

If you own an iOS8i, look out for to Settings icon and tap on the bar written ‘Cellular’. At the bottom of the pop-up bar, scroll over to the ‘Use Cellular Data For’ section and click.

Tip 2

Once the first few steps are done, a list of every app on your device will show on the screen with the option of disabling or enabling the use of cellular data available by toggling a button to the right. Although you can use disabled apps most of the time, they simply will not undergo an update while you’re away from a WiFi connection.

Tip 3

To be extra sure, you have the right application under your radar, look through the list to see the amount of data being used during a period of time and then make sound judgements on which to mute.

Tip 4

To clean out your data history, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and you will find a highlighted section showing ‘Reset Statistics’. By tapping on this, you can start monitoring your history on a clean slate.

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