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Gunners legend, Thierry Henry is worried that Arsenal's title charge may come to an end as we head into the second half of the campaign in the new year. The Arsenal legend who is also the club's all time highest goalscorer disclosed that Arsenal's title challenge may come unstuck as they face a trickier set of fixtures in the second half of the campaign.

The Gunners look most likely to win the league this season as they have put up some energetic displays at points when their rivals have faltered. Statistics correctly backs Arsenal to be league champions, as 5 of the last 6 teams that has topped the table into the beginning of the new year, have gone on to win the league. Arsenal were the only culprits of the 6, as they threw away their chance after a promising start in the 2013/2014 campaign.

Arsenal were a point above Manuel Pellegrini's men as they headed into the new year, but went on to finish in fourth place, seven points behind Pellegrini's champions. Arsenal played out their 19th league game against Bournemouth on Monday night, Wenger's men won the match to take themselves to the top of the summit with 39 points.

The likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool who were perceived title contenders at the beginning of the season have ultimately struggled and obviously do not pose a threat to Arsenal's adventure.

Only Manchester City and Leicester are still clearly in the race. The former, have had a topsy-turvy season while the latter's resilience have been major topics of discussions, all putting Arsenal in serious contention for the league title.

Thierry Henry,who is a two time Premier League winner with the Gunners and part of the team that last won the league in 2004, fears that Arsenal won't be able to leave up to billings "What bothers me and what I am worried about is the return fixtures Arsenal face."

"They have to go to Everton, Liverpool, Man United, Man City and Tottenham. We have found out it is difficult to win at Stoke and Westham. They have to play Palace at home, which is where you don't want to play them because they are better side away."

Arsenal are in prime position to win the league and will need to do well away from home and keeping up the momentum that have seen them top of the league, heading into the new year will be crucial on their ambitions.

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