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Over 300 Killed During Army/Shiite Clash- Human Rights Group Claims

An International Human Rights group, the Human Rights Watch, says over 300 Shiite members were killed during the Army/Shiite clash in Zaria Kaduna state on December 12th and 13th.

A statement by the group which was released today claims that accounts by the Shiite members witnessed the killins say the Army hurriedly dug a mass grave for their members who were killed during the clash

“The army carried out attacks at the Hussainniya Baqiyyatullah mosque and religious center, at the home of the Shiite leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Zakzaky, in the Gyellesu neighborhood and at the sect’s burial ground, Daral-Rahma, over the course of two days.

At least 300 Shia sect members, and likely many more, were killed and hundreds more injured, according to witnesses in at least two of the sites and a hospital source.

Soldiers quickly buried the bodies in mass graves without family members’ permission, making it difficult to determine an accurate death toll.

Although some people threw stones and had sticks, there has been no credible information that any soldiers were injured or killed”the statement in part read.

Read the full statement

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