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See the Five Things Nigerian Girls Want For Christmas

Black girls are often regarded as the most beautiful and intelligent group of women in the world. Although every lady has a unique taste, there are certain things each one of them crave and will not hesitate to include on their secret Santa list.

1. A Great Food Processor
Although many comedians and tabloids have tried to portray Nigerian girls as fast-food lovers, the truth is that they love to cook!

With the modern technology making cooking easier and faster, the average Nigerian girl has a food machine on their ‘Santa’s list’. Get her a food processor with several blades and functions, and you are on your way to stealing her heart.

2. Husband

This applies to the single girl. African women are raised to be homely and family-oriented, and so a majority of them who are above 25 and yet unmarried have the intense longing for a husband with whom they can start a family with.

While most of them will never admit it, a glance on their wishlist will reveal snagging a “husband” as Number 1. If you are dating a Nigerian girl, this Christmas might just be the best time to propose to her, that way you help both Santa and yourself. Also, if you are a single brother, ready for marriage and searching for your ‘missing rib’…go find a sister and propose.

3. Gym Membership

Keeping fit and looking trim is the new trend for Nigerian girls, especially those in Lagos, and so, a majority of them are saving their hard earned registered in gym – the idea basically is to look like most of the celebrities.

Unfortunately, not all gyms offer great services and those who are unable to gain gym membership at the top sweatshops where they can get great work out, keep wishing for membership. They hope that somehow, Santa will touch someone to get them registered in one of the gyms, and for free too.

4. An Unlimited Cash Account

Forget Nigerian girls, every single human in the country and the world would do almost anything for an unlimited expense account. Shoes, clothes, hair, spa time…they all cost money, and usually, for the average lady, it is a bit of a challenge getting everything you need to stay on top of the fashion game.

Also with an unlimited expense account, it would easy to set up dream businesses and live an organized life. While they know there is a slim chance of this wish coming true, these girls still include it on their list in faith.

5. Calorie-Free Alcohol

Christmas is a time for merriment and celebration. And truth be told, there is no party without alcohol! Unfortunately, drinking every night at the festivities is all fun and games until it is January and you look less like Toke Makinwa and more like Lepacious Bose.

Alcohol in some way, tends to add fat to the thighs, belly and arms. So, some girls who believe they can eat their cake and have it now want calorie-free alcohol. Let’s hope Santa has something in store.

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