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10 Acts That Lead Some Young Guys To Early Grave

**1. s*x**

My evidence and research have shown that, kitty-cat has devastating effects in the lives of many unmarried dudes which has been leading many of them to early grave. Now that we are in an era where s*x seems to be the most discussed topic on the internet, newspapers and magazines; therefore, nearly every dude wants to show his bedmatics skills to any lady that comes his way. Some dudes even go to the extreme by using all sorts of harmful substances just to show to a lady who falls prey to their gimmicks that are very skillful and a veteran bleeper, and you will begin to wonder if it’s a sort of competition which will bring forth a trophy or something. Funny enough, some will even get laid with another man’s wife, and in that process, they will have epileptic and wave goodbye to the earth.

2. Money

Next in rank, money follows suite after kitty-cat. To a broader view, money can solve virtual every problem in our every day life and yet, the desperate chase of money has a series of terrific and unintended consequences. In recent time, you will see acclaimed men of God Bible quoting verses wrong and using the name of God to fulfill their selfish desire. And let’s not forget the ones who condition the tithes and offering of the church into their pockets and will be riding new generation cars; yahoo guys who seek herbalists for maga to pay; politicians who embezzle public funds and so on. These aforementioned categories of people always end their lives in misery and calamity. They don’t even need to go to heaven to receive their judgment, their punishment is right on earth

3. Alcohol/weed

Alcoholism and regular smoking of weed have also been leading many young dudes to early grave. This is because we Nigerians barely take precautions and do things without moderation even though we know the terrific consequences. After being drunk to stupor, some will drive carelessly and unconsciously ride themselves to out of this earth. I have even witnessed a scene when a dude boasted to his friends that he would drink three two bottles of Aromatic Schnapps. Of course he was able to drink it but guess what? He landed in hell fire few hours later.

4. Gambling

Gambling can become a problematic behavior causing many difficulties. It is typically a progressive addiction that can have many negative psychological, physical and social repercussions. People dealing with this addiction can suffer from depression, migraine, distress, intestinal disorders and other anxiety related problems. Ultimately, gambling can lead to violence and in some cases, suicide. A typical example is Bet9ja, especially when you want to win 10 million Naira, and you gave Chelsea straight win against Leicester City. You are likely to die of hypertension.

5. Cultism

Many students form different anti social groups for friendship, acceptance, validation, to protect and boost the morale of the members but I can tell you that the purpose is seemingly to become tangled up in criminal activities and terrorism. When they are caught in red handed, they are going to be given jungle justice

6. Thuggery

I don’t know what people stand to benefit from thuggery, especially those APC/PDP tyrants who display a degree of thuggery just help accomplish the desires of some politicians after they have been offered a little cash. These people may even lose their lives in the course of thuggery display.

7. Laziness

The Bible says that “No FOOD FOR A LADY MAN” but reverse is the case for some people. They are very lazy yet want to attain a great height in life. (Dem no dey use ear hear money cheesy ). They are so lazy to work, hence, looking for a shortcut to success or become rich. However, they are always looking for sugar mommy that will offer them N100, 000 for a night stand and will swap their destiny with 10 million naira

8. Robbery

In Nigeria, when thieves are caught, people don’t even wait for the Law Enforcement Agents to take charge of the situation. Jungle justice is done immediately. Whether you steal a cube of sugar or a packet of gold circle condom, for all they care. Robbers are likely to end up in early grave

9. Fighting over a Woman

Guys who are caught in this act are nothing but dumb scull in my personal opinion. Why would a dude hear that his girlfriend is having a secret affair with another dude, and he will engage in a physical combat what that dude, without concrete evidence. Some of them will break bottles and will be ready to lay down their lives, all because they don’t want a dude to have a secret affairs with their girlfriends

10. Feel free to add the last one…

By Tosyne2much

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