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5 Signs You Are No Longer In Love With Your Partner

When you have been with someone long enough, it sometimes starts to feel like you no longer have feelings for them.

While this could be possible, you should also avoid throwing away your relationship simply because you no longer feel the spark. So, it is pertinent that you know when the love is really gone, or when you simply just need a little bit of fire to ignite your relationship.

Below are signs that you are no longer in love with your partner.

1. Their happiness is no longer a priority:- Once you fall out of love with someone, you suddenly have way more important things to think about or do than worrying about their happiness. You do not care either ways, and you will find it difficult to muster the right concern if they express their unhappiness to you.

2. You zone out:- Just because you are physically still in a relationship, does not mean you are emotionally in it. A lot of people might keep up appearances as a couple, but you will be surprise how many of them have partners that no longer cares about the union. When you find that all you think about is your life outside your relationship, it might be a sign that you are done in your mind.

3. More fantasies about others:- Usually, it is not uncommon for people in a relationship to fantasize about other people. This does not necessarily mean they want out. But when your fantasies become such that you are thinking and daydreaming about a whole other future with someone else every single moment, then this is because the love is gone.

4. They REALLY annoy you:- It is normal to find yourself annoyed with your partner sometimes, but when every single thing they do irritates you and make your skin crawl, then you no longer have feelings for them. Feeling this way about anyone means your hate and disgust has run a little too deep.

5. Indifference:- This is usually how the stages of falling out of love go; You go from anger, to resentment, to hatred, and then to indifference. Indifference is worse because at this point, you do not even care if your partner is sad or happy, sick or healthy, and sometimes, dead or alive. Their existence is completely useless to you. Hopefully you would have done something about your relationship, or broken up with you partner before this stage. Because feeling indifferent towards someone you once love not only ruins your relationship, but is unhealthy for your own mind.

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