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Kogi State University Best Rapper "Becee" Talks About His Upcoming Project – Retro Play (The EP)

Its the start of a new year, and you would agree with me that there has been a rain of music in the industry dropping from all angles already, and this includes the top notch artistes and the ever hustling upcoming acts. Some trying to continue their speedy pace, and others trying to buckle up a bit from their set backs.

However, on this note, we hooked up with the Mid Belt Finest artiste. Becee By The Way, who has had a drought year with 2015. Though according to him, it was due to his divided time for academics.
But still, he managed to drop quite some master-coined songs. Likes of: BY THE WAY (freestyle) and **THE KING IS HERE*, . Regardless of the few drops, he still made his presence felt through out the year with marvellous features with other artistes alike, and a video of him Freestyling with Vector Tha Viper on the same stage which went viral.

Relating to the interview with the rapper/Singer, he has hinted that he is paying back all his silent moments with an E.P titled “ReTro Play”. Which according to him will home 5 tracks.

Judging by Becee’s facial expression while disclosing his plans, I think the fans are in for a surprise.

The tracks are being produced by an obvious person, “**Geniuzbeat*, ” who is said to be the artist most preferred Producer, And with talented lad in the game “El Swag“, FrontLine’s official Producer.

Letting the cat outta bag.
He gave us the titles of 2 tracks out of the 5. “Retroplay & Ogbeni Wait”.

Also, a video by him would be shot soon.

Be on the look out for the release date for the EP, as the never disappointing rap king is cooking up something really hot.


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