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Lagos Pastor Arrested For Having s*x With His Step-Daughter

Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 42yrs old cleric, Pastor Chidiebere Ikpa, for allegedly raping his stepdaughter, Ngozi (real names withheld), in the Surulere area of the state.

Pastor Ikpa, who denied the allegation, told PUNCH that it was a neighbour, identified only as Richard, that did defile the 14-year-old girl, but he decided not to report the matter to the police because he (Pastor Ikpa) had a forgiving character.

But Ngozi, an SS2 student, who eventually reported the incident to police last Friday, January 15, insisted that she was r*ped by the pastor several times.

The girl added that whenever she told her mother about it, she usually shouted her down, and refused to take any action on the matter.

Pastor Ikpa, who hails from the Bende LGA of Abia State, was arrested by policemen from Isokoko division, while Ngozi was taken for medical examination at the Mirabel Centre, Ikeja.
The test reportedly confirmed that the girl’s private parts had been “tampered with.”
A police source told PUNCH that Ngozi reported that Pastor Ikpa had allegedly been sleeping with her since she was 10 years old and was the one who deflowered her.
She said, “The victim claimed that the suspect deflowered her when she was 10 years. He had allegedly been s*xually molesting the girl since that time.
“The victim’s mother is culpable because she knew about the abuses. The girl said it was when her mother failed to take concrete steps that she came to the police.”
But the pastor said he flogged the girl last Thursday and she disappeared from the house, not knowing she came to the police to lie against him.

He said, “The girl started living with me when she was 12 or thereabout. That was around 2012. It is not true that I r*ped her. I flogged her on Thursday for being rude and she did not return home after school. We did not see her until Friday. She had been with the police.
“The girl has a boyfriend; his name is Richard. He is the manager of a hotel on Rasak Balogun Street. If the medical result shows someone has been sleeping with Ngozi, then it is Richard, not me.
“It is a mystery to me that the girl is claiming that I slept with her. When we caught Richard and confronted him sometime last year, he started begging. The mistake I made was that I did not report to police.
“My wife got furious and said we must report the matter to the police, but the man started begging, sending text messages to me. I forgave him. I am a pastor.

“I was working under a church, but since I moved to this area, I have not pastored any church.”
Again, Ngozi insisted that Pastor Ikpa was lying and he had slept with her on several occasions.
She said, “The first time that he would r*pe me was about five years ago. My mother sent me to give food to him in his own house. I was then staying in my father’s house. That was when he took advantage of me and r*ped me.

“The man he mentioned is not my boyfriend. Richard was the man I reported to when I told my mother about the r*pe and she did not believe me. Richard advised me to leave everything to God.
“Sometimes, when everyone was sleeping, he would come to the room where I was with my other sisters and he would r*pe me. I would be hitting my sisters trying to wake them, but they did not wake at such times.”
Police investigators are trying to find out the truth. Question is, who is lying between Pastor and Ngozi?

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