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NOCARRYLAST.COM.NG IS LIVE,   It is exciting news that Nigeria now has its own COMPARISON website. On No Carry Last, you can compare products and services from different categories; such as Banking, Entertainment, Insurance, Internet Providers, Mobile Networks, Insurance, Shopping Malls etc.

 The list is Long! The great thing is you can now view side by side what different providers offer; be it an internet package or a savings account – you can compare and see what works best for you and ensure your selection is the best value before you buy or subscribe.

 That's not all!! On the website, there is a special “NO CARRY LAST” tab where you can claim freebies daily – better than daily actually, EVERY 30 MINUTES!!! Below are the freebies on there right now up for grabs!

 1. FREE Airtime every 30 Minutes: You can claim airtime from all networks every 30 minutes, 24 HOURS, DAILY

 2. A Free Breakfast Voucher daily

3. A Free Lunch Voucher daily

4. A Free Dinner Voucher daily

5. Cinema tickets daily

6. Free school supplies daily

 So, NO CARRY LAST! Visit www.nocarrylast.com.ng NOW!!! Also follow on:
Twitter: @nocarrylast https://twitter.com/NoCarryLast
Instagram: @nocarrylast https://www.instagram.com/nocarrylast/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nocarrylast

For more information contact: marketing@lunuga.com

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