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Campus Celebrities Award (CCA) is an accolade, established in 2015 by DON'T PUSH ME ENTERTAINMENT to recognize outstanding achievement in Kogi State University Entertainment Industry. The annual ceremony features performances by established and promising artists. It is broadcasted online via YouTube/instagram/blogspot and other social media, and hopefully someday it will go on TV , to television viewers across Nigeria, with your support.
The 2015 edition of The CCA was held at the Theatre Art Auditorium in KSU , Kogi State.
This year we plan to boost the standard of the Award by including NON-VOTING & VOTING categories. And also introducing nominees party, that involves taking all the nominees out of campus to spend 24 hours together in a venue provided by the organizers, which includes, DON'T PUSH ME ENTERTAINMENT, SUG DOS1/2 and NAKOSS DOS1/2.

Events at the nominees party includes:
1. Arrival
2. Grouping
3. Nominees ultimate search
4. Represent your group
5. How well do you know your selves
6. Variety Nite
7. Departure.

We believed that this will help the nominees get closer to one another, which will eliminate all forms of enmity and pride, and also reduce inferiority complex amongst artists.
We also created a whatsapp group for all nominees so we can pass informations to everyone and also to foster smooth relationship, and also help bring together the alumni and the students, we Implore us not to abuse the group by posting unnecessary informations.

We plan to make use of quality Awards that will stand the test of time in years to come.

We want us to join hands together to tell the world that stars are made in KSU, By promoting the Award through our various social media.

We want everyone of you to know that you all deserve to win, so anyone who wins any of the categories has done that through the online poll, I For being nominated means you are a star and also KSU pride.

We can't achieve any of these goals without your support, financially , morally , spiritually, physically and otherwise.

For info ;Call:07065865545, +234 706 440 7660, 0703 464 2423
Instagram ;@campus_award
Twitter ;@campus_award
Signed :
CCA Committee

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