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I am a young person and I know a lot of people will look at this topic and say, even if you are to choose to be a Nigerian should it be at this time where there is a great wave of suffering among the people of the nation? But then I repeat I choose to be a Nigerian! I also use to wish I was from another nation but not anymore!

NOW AM NOT GOING TO TELL you that I choose to be a Nigerian because we have lots of Natural resources, or because it's a productive land or a tourist attraction no not at all but rather,
- I choose to be a citizen of a country that God is raising a great percentage of his end time army from.
-I choose to be a citizen of a country that is going to be a great tool of evangelism in God's hand at this end time!
A lot of times we as Christians ask for Grace but believe me you found grace the day you were born Nigerians. I have listened to my fathers like Evang Tokunbo salami, Pst John Onekele and Pst Abraham Halidu point to this fact but now I speak from a conviction in my heart that this is true!!!

The ball is in your court!!! "will you be a GENERAL CHRISTIAN sitting and being just a SPECTATOR at this time?????? OR WILL YOU CHOOSE TO STAND AND BECOME GOD'S GENERAL CHANGING THE COUNTRY'S PRESENT SITUATION AND THE WORLD AT LARGE THROUGH THE POWER OF OUR GREAT GOD!) I don't know about you but I am blessed to be a Christian from this part of the world(Nigeria).
I am Rhoda Enietan and beyond natural birth or naturalization. I choose to be a NIGERIAN!!!

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