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Open Letter To All Successful Artist From Kogi State By Sunrich

To start with I will like to throw a big shout out to music and Nollywood stars from the confluence State, Kogi to be precise.

Acts like the great music mystro DARE, who did not hide in his father’s shadow but created a niche for himself as one of the foremost Nigerian music acts both nationally and internationally. Another is the wonderful singing sensation YQ, with his unique voice, others are TUNDE ENDUTE, JUMABE, “This Year” Cronner JAWON, One of the most sorted-after music producers GOSPEL ON DA BEATZ, among others.

It is with great pride that youths from Kogi State like to associate with these stars, but these idols have failed to reciprocate the love and give back to their home land. one will argue that people naturally like to associate with success, but that is beside the point.

Kogi is richly endowed with heavily talented minds. From Singers to dancers, producers, rappers, models, comedians, MC’s, song writers, instrumentalist and all sort of money making talents. Those gifted in sports are heavily choked in both secondary and tertiary institutions in the state. They are all waiting for an opportunity to shine.

Let me briefly ask these question, did any of you get to were you are right now on your own accord? yes you worked hard, yes you prayed, but even God makes use of people who make themselves available to bless others.

Shout out to people like Olamide, his contributions to the Nigerian indigenous Music Industry has gone beyond just spiting mad flows in his local dialect and encouraging others like Phyno, Morrel, Zoro, CDQ, Splash to do the same, he has also groomed young talents like Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold, Chinko Ekun, Viktoh among others, and these young acts has also made a name for themselves, because they were provide with the right platform to establish their various acts. All these young stars started from the streets of Lagos just like Olamide, he came from the Street of Lagos to lamb light, but he never forgot his roots.

This is why Lagos has become a hub for entertainment in Nigeria. Our beloved Kogi rooted stars need to remember their roots with pride and devotion, come home and groom young talents too, it is your duty to your father land. The pride with which Kogites have associated themselves with these stars need to be duely reciprocated. It is absurd that Kogi is still one of the least talked about states in Nigeria, it’s government has failed it citizens, but it is high time we all realize that we should not leave the progress of the state in the hands of it leaders alone, Individuals, Organizations, Kogites in the Diaspora and my major concern Kogi born Celebrities must rise up to the challenge and make Kogi a state to be reckoned with.

After all this long talk, watin I da try talk be say make DARE ART ALADE, TUNDE EDNUT , JAYWON, JUMABE, PRAIZ, GOSPEL ON DA BEAT, BRAIN ON THE MIX, SLEEK, YQ, JOSEPH BENJAMIN and the rest try come back home, make them come groom young and up coming too. One wise man tell me say “yonder no fit be like house, no matter how far we you waka go, na house you go still come rest” Meaning no place like home. E da pain me dat is why I decide to speak put, na who hungry wa talk go see food chop, who silent go die in silent.

I hope you all will see sense in my nonsense and do the right thing. I pray you all continue to grow in strength, and your fame would never end in the farm. God Bless Nigerian Music Industry, God bless Kogi Music Industry, God bless Kogi born Stars, God bless Kogi Up and Coming, God bless Kogi, God bless Sunrich Omo Aiyedogbon.

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