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Airtel Launched New Data Plan - You Can Now Get 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500

After the released of Glo mouth-watering data offer in few weeks back, Airtel NG decided to follow the suite, but the Airtel new plan took a new phase and showcase with abnormal policy.

The new Airtel data offers will give you 2GB for just N200 with 14days validity period and also 6GB for just N500 with 28days validity period. This is not weekend bundle, neither night plan, it works for both day and night, also works on all device platforms.

I made mention of abnormal policy? Yeah. Before you subscribe to this new plan, it is very important to check the below so strange terms and conditions of the Airtel new 2GB and 6GB data plans;

1. The plan is usable on all devices
2. Upon subscription, it automatically deactivates any existing data plan
3. It only works on 2G network
No matter the strength of your network, it must be set to 2G network or else you won't be able to use your data.
4. 2GB will last for 14days and 6GB will last for 28days.

To Subscribe to any of the two Package
Dial 482# and follow the prompt message.

I wonder why Airtel introduced this trash data plan. Anyway, the plan will be ok for browsing, but you will dislike it when it comes to downloading and streaming, think wisely before you opted in.

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