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Husband Sets Wife Ablaze In Benin Over Disagreement (Photo)

The Police has arrested a middle-aged man simply identified as Onya,in Benin,Edo State for allegedly setting his wife, Margaret Onya, ablaze after a disagreement.

The incident occurred at 35, JB street, Ekosodin quarters, off Ugbowo-Lagos Road, Benin City.‎ The man was alleged to have poured petrol on his wife and set her ablaze with a match stick.

Margaret who suffered severe burns from the incident is now being treated at a private medical facility in Benin City.
Trouble started when Onya allegedly refused to attend the burial ceremony of his father in-law. Neighbours said that though the funeral rites of the father in-law had been concluded, Margaret was not happy with her husband’s decision not to attend her father’s burial.

Elder brother of the victim, Mr. Julius Eteghe, who described the development as shocking, added that the incident happened late on Saturday. On her part, Mrs. Margaret who spoke on her hospital bed said:

“We had a quarrel and my husband told me he would teach me a lesson. After our disagreement, I sat on the chair and my husband went inside, brought petrol and wanted to pour it on me.
“I held the jar and as we were dragging, I was shouting for help. He overpowered me and poured the contents on me and lit a match. I was saved by one of my neighbours who rushed into our apartment and put out the fire,” she stated.

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