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I Had S*x With 11-Year-Old Girl Because She Threatened To Report Me If I Didn’t – Suspect (Photo)

“SHE asked me to have s*x with her and threatened that she would put me in trouble if I did not.

The girl was the one who was troubling me, asking me to have s*x with her.

I told her she was too young but she insisted, saying she had been having s*x before coming to me.

“When I attempted to have s*x with her, I discovered that my m*d could not enter her private part.

I don’t know whether her hymen was broken through fingering. But I succeeded in having s*x with her two times. She was with me for four days before I was arrested.”

These were the revelations from a 65-year-old plumber, Mr Akinlolu Ogunlade, who was arrested by the Anti-Kidnapping Squad of the Oyo State Police Command over the abduction and defilement of an 11-year-old Primary Two pupil, Titilola (not real name) at a period when children of her age were being celebrated all over the world to mark International Children’s Day.

Disclosing the suspect’s arrest to journalists on Thursday, June 9, the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Leye Oyebade, described Ogunlade as a serial rapist who abducted young girls, kept them in his house and turned them to s*x slaves.

Oyebade said that the suspect abducted his latest victim on Saturday, May 28 on her way from a church vigil and kept her in his hideout until she was traced there on Wednesday, June 1, after initial efforts to locate her proved abortive.

The police commissioner stated that the suspect would be arraigned in court after diligent investigation.

Narrating her ordeal, Titilola told Crime Reports that the suspect picked her when she was returning home from vigil in her church. According to the young girl, “I live with my grandparents at Abidi Odan at Akobo. I went to vigil on Friday May 27.

After prayers, we slept in the church. By the time I woke up, everybody had left, though it was not yet daylight. But vehicles were passing by.

“I stood up, closed the church door and left to go home. On the way, I noticed that someone was beaming a torch ahead. I ran and as I wanted to jump over a gutter, someone carried me from behind.

He took me to his house. Every day, whenever he was going out, he would lock me in and on his return, he would have s*x with me till he would be ready to go out again.

“I never had s*x before he had s*x with me. I bled the first time he did it. I cried but no one came to my rescue.

Whenever anyone was passing by and they heard my voice, they would enquire from Baba what was happening and he would cover my mouth with a piece of cloth and reply that he was beating his child for her disobedience. I was with him from Saturday till Wednesday June 1 before I was rescued.”

Crime Reports learnt that the medical report obtained by the police after the girl was taken to the hospital indicated “hymen not intact.”

But the suspect claimed the victim lured him to have s*x with her.

According to him, “the girl hawked waterleaf to my house at about 11a.m. on Friday, May 27, asking me to help her buy the four portions of the vegetable which totalled N40 so that she could use it to buy food.

I gave her N100 and she said she had no change.

I left the money with her and asked to bring the change later in the evening. I didn’t come home that night as I went to my duty post as a security man.

“I was surprised to see the girl on the passage on Saturday when I returned home. She helped me to pick the vegetable and after I cooked, she ate with me.

She later pleaded to be allowed to stay with me, saying that she had nothing to do at home.

She later told me that she had been given out in marriage to someone in the North but that she ran back home. I asked her if she had experienced sexual intercourse and she said yes.”

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