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See How Going To University Was Like In Those Days (Photos)

Being an undergraduate in a university is a great feat but it cannot be compared to being an undergraduate in the 1960; then it was considered epochal.

Ask people who went to universities during the period when you’ll be lucky to find 20 students in a class and they will tell you education during those days was worth it.

They’ll tell you there were no distractions and it was about work and play and work again.

The University College which later became the University of Ibadan is the first university in the country and being a student in the university was attaining an impressive height.

A lot has changed in the Nigerian academic system especially in the tertiary institution.

Gone are the days when school cafeterias provided balanced diet meal to students and the only thing they needed to worry about was getting the food from the plate to the mouth.

The days where students could afford to seat anywhere in class because they was enough space to go round; when student hostels were cleaner than 5 star hotels and each student got his own space and there was no need to squat.

Students nowadays will tell you there was no better time to go to school than now.

To them, the old universities were too strict as students had to sometimes wear robes like they were at Hogwarts.

They say undergraduates in those days were treated like secondary school students with strict everyday rules to guide them.

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