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The Different Kinds Of Nigerian Girlfriends That Exist (Photos)

1. The Razz Girlfriend

> Will embarrass you in public

> You can’t take her out

> Her boyfriend is probably named Sege

2. The Lowkey Most Wanted Girlfriend

> Nobody knows who she is dating

> But everybody still wants her

> She has different boyfriends she doesn’t even know about

3. The Fortunate Girlfriend

> Everybody likes her and pities her

> Can give you 40% of her salary if she loves you

> Once you break up with her good things start happening to her

4. The Role Model Girlfriend

> Is dating a rich guy

> Has the best and perfect relationship

> She is your boyfriend’s WCW

5. The Talkative Girlfriend

> Wants to talk all the time

> Is always making grammar mistakes

> Can still steal your boyfriend

6. The “our wife” Girlfriend

> Is very pretty and liked by everyone

> Will cook for her boyfriend and his friends

> Cries a lot when she is maltreated

7. The Patient Girlfriend

> Treats her boyfriend right all the time

> Will forgive you if you cheat

> Only if you sing “African Queen” three times

8. The Greedy Girlfriend

> Cannot keep her eyes somewhere

> Always looking for some special type of boyfriend called Johnny

> She will use all your money for funny hairstyles

9. The Family’s Favorite Girlfriend

> Is the best girlfriend

> Her boyfriend’s mother and her are best friends

> Her boyfriend likes to call her “my wife”

10. The Gist Bank Girlfriend

> Has every human beings gist

> Will tell you who your boyfriend is cheating on you with

> Will show you her expensive bag when you ask “where is your boyfriend?”

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