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7 Ways To Keep You Woman Glued To You During Economic Recession (A Must Read)

If you have not been saving regularly and prudent with your spending before now, your bank account may suffer a serious drain during economic recession.

Want to make a woman truly happy without her complaining? It’s not as hard as you think. But a lot of men still seem to struggle when it comes to knowing how to please a woman even in the absence of money.

1. Send text instead of long conversations on phone call

A text needn’t be long or complicated to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. A short, sweet message, such as “Thinking of you,” will show her she matters especially if you send it out of the blue.

2. Turn your living room into a cinema

Spend the night watching movies and cuddling instead of going out to the cinemas as it will save you time and money.

3. Celebrate your special dates

This recession makes us prioritize our values. If something isn’t sustainable with or without a job, don’t do it. Many people are used to having a grandiose birthday party, now they are wondering what to do. Celebrate only special events and just appreciate your spouse on other days.

4. Avoid transferring aggression

Economic recession is affecting almost everyone in the county. Avoid treating your girl like she caused the recession or she is related to the federal government.

5. When praying, hold her hand

When you are saying the prayer before a meal, whether in public or in private, hold her hand. This gesture tells her that you are letting God know that the prayer is from both of you.

6. Say “I’m Sorry”

What is it with men and saying “I’m sorry”? You would think we were asking you to remove your “m*d” or something!

Little things go a long way with a woman. Do this, even about things that may have seemed small or trivial, and you will let her know that you care about her feelings. She will love you so much, and she will be more apologetic as well. What goes around comes around.

7. Make her laugh

Life just gets too serious sometimes. Lighten it up. Make her laugh. You know her better than anyone, and I’m sure there are some past experiences or situations that you can remember that you laughed about. Remind her of it, if you can’t think of anything new.

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