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Unbelievable! 13-Year-Old Schoolgirl Gives Birth On Her Own Inside School Compound (See Shocking Details)

A girl who had only just become a teenager, has shocked people when she suddenly gave birth to a baby.

A 13-year-old primary school pupil in Naivasha, Kenya, has left many people shocked.

The girl left teachers and fellow pupils at her school dumbfounded after she gave birth in the school compound.

What shocked the teachers and other pupils was the fact that girl never showed any signs of being pregnant.

According to Tuko, the young girl gave birth unattended at the school compound which led to her rupturing her birth organs.

The girl was rushed to Naivasha sub county hospital but sadly the child died after 12 hours.

“The risks involved were very high, including sustaining injuries in the birth canal and obstructed labour,” a doctor said.

According to doctors, the baby died as a result of breathing-related complications with the school girl being reported to be out of danger.

The girl is said to have done her normal house chores at home before going to school.

“She managed to conceal the pregnancy until the time she gave birth. As a matter of fact, she was informed by the teen’s fellow pupils after the incident,” one of the teachers at the school said.

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