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Unbelievable! Man Sets His Whole Body On Fire To Enter The Guinness Book Of World Records (Photos)

A man has dared to perform a really bizarre fire stunt in order to gain access into the World Guinness Book Records.

Josef Toedtling, a professional stuntman has dared to do the horrific to enter world records.

The 36-year-old man took on various daring tasks, all of which involved setting himself on fire.

The Austrian, who was a stuntman on 2015 surfing movie Point Break, has bagged three new titles – longest time set alight (5mins 41secs), longest distance dragged by a horse while alight (1,640ft) and longest distance dragged by a vehicle while alight (1,909ft).

The 2017 Guinness World Records annual is being released this week, along with the announcement of thousands of brand new whacky and courageous records.

See more photos below:

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