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6 ways to determine sexual compatibility in a relationship

Love and attraction are very important in a relationship, but they almost always lead to a certain climax - sex.

Now the point here is not to say sex is the major reason why people get into a relationship, but it is a very big part of it.

Whether your relationship is headed for marriage, or you are both just in it for the casual sex and PDA's, sex and sexual compatibility is still a matter that affects how things go in that affair.

So, how will you determine or decide how sexually in sync you are with that partner of yours?

Great communication
Here, communication is not limited to only what you say during sex or just before it, it also has to do with the understanding of each other's sexual behaviour, and what triggers the other person's arousal and sexual need.

Matching sex drives
The keyword here is libido.

How does the libido of one partner look when compared to that of the other partner? If the difference in your sexual desires is not that much, then, for sure, you could just be great together in bed.

Sexually considerate
When both partners are willing to not only get pleasure but to also give it back.

How important is sex to you?
If one partner places a great deal of importance on sex, and the other does not really see why sexual activities should be a big deal, that relationship will most likely suffer sexual incompatibility.

Same idea of sex
What is your idea of sexual activities, and what is your partner's?

In the instance where one of the partners is into kinkiness or other stuff like that, and the other is not, the sexual compatibility is surely going to be defective.

Level of commitment
Even if there is an imbalance in compatibility at the beginning, when the partners are fully committed to each other, and making the relationship successful, they can surely try to achieve a balance and reach a compromise.

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