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Celebrity Interview - Milidime | @Milidime

IMG 20170518 WA0010 199x300 - Celebrity Interview - Milidime | @Milidime
We chilled with the biggest name in the music business and he let us in his world… As Interviewed by our correspondent J.T for our esteemed platform
J.T: May we get to know you sir
Milidime: I go by the name Milidime Douglas Obahi from the igede tribe of Benue State. I hold a B.Sc degree in Physics from the Benue State University
J.T: What genre of music do you do sir
Milidime: I do hip hop, rap, dancehall, gospel and indigenous rap
J.T: Wow, can you take us into your world sir, what inspires your lyrics
Milidime: That’s a tricky one cuz am tempted not to be real cuz any and everything inspires me….. God, my fans, and the series of events on planet earth.
Inspiration can be anywhere, anything. The real key is being in the mood to play and create, ready to receive the inspiration.
J.T: So any works in the pipeline for us (your fans)?
Milidime: Yeah series of them, cuz i have been off the scene for probably a year. So now i am back, i have to make it up to my family not my fans. Lol
J.T: Wow, who who is producing this career changing song you are working on
Milidime: Actually the beat was by spiff beats and the song was mixed and mastered by T. M. S
J:T: “Wetin u get” what inspired the song sir
IMG 20170518 WA0011 199x300 - Celebrity Interview - Milidime | @Milidime
Milidime: It’s kinda complicated but i will have 2 try my best to break it down. It might sound kinda biased but the message is out to both males and females. Its concept combines a wake up call to hustle hard to live up to your name rather than bragging and living off people’s success and achievements instead of getting yours and become independent giving the economical state of the nation. It might sound like i promoted some vices in the song but like TUPAC said “sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do to survive”, in my own words i would say “sometimes u gotta do some little evil for the sake of greater good” am been candid, no offense but that’s a wrong kinda right, right?
J.T: Cant wait to listen to this great sound you got coming up
Milidime: All i wish is that everyone gets the message of the song cuz not the usual kinda rowdy songs been put out on a daily in the industry, am trying to get the masses to widen their horizon on the kind of sounds they ingest
J.T: Fire jam on the way!!!… so where do you see yourself in the industry in 2-3 years time
Milidime: Hmmm i see myself as the Abraham of the music nation in 2-3yrs time
3 J.T: Tell us more about the “Milidime” brand
Milidime: The name Milidime is the acronym for Million Diamonds, as we all know, diamonds are rare and precious and i got millions of diamonds, not literally but figuratively in the sense that i got loads of potentials
J.T: You are one of the biggest names in the music business in middle belt, whats the secret
Milidime: Actually i had no idea i was cuz i was never in a hurry or in competition with no one, never did it for fame but for the love of it, So am kinda flattered to hear that i am. But am aware the west and the east are familiar with Milidime, never knew prophets were still recognized in their fatherland
J.T: Your tunes were everywhere!! how does it feel coming back and meeting people who have missed your material
Milidime: I just feel……. Great, gives me the encouragement and a challenge as well to do more and better
J.T: What are the challenges so far in the industry
Milidime: Generally in African showbiz , financial challenges cant be ruled out, for u to get your product to its final destination, u have a very steep price to pay
4 J.T: Very true sir, aside work… how do you relax
Milidime: There are no other ways i can relax without having some music in it. Soccer, reading and video games too
J.T: What can you term your biggest achievement in the industry so far
Milidime: Hmmm i think answering that question will be a bit too early
J.T: Name three industry pals you relate with in middle belt
Milidime: Danni Vembz, Tkswag and Kvng Soulz
J.T: They talk about clicks in the business, would you say this three are your click?
Milidime: Naa just friends, maybe the clique thing could be in the future
J.T: Wow, so what can you say about our platform
Milidime: Amazing cuz even before i worked with them, it already feels like the work is already done
J.T: We will sure be here for the brand “Milidime” always
Milidime: God bless u and i will be here anyway within my capabilities that i can for u too
J.T: You are always busy with your work… so how soon do we get your new work because a lot of fans have been asking
Milidime: Hopefully before the month is up cuz the work is done but we have to perfect the pr and the creating of proper awareness via the proper and necessary mediums
J.T: That is awesome… can we know the one artiste in Africa you will love to work with soon
Milidime: None at the moment, just “Milidime”
J.T: You didn’t release any materia last year.. What happened
Milidime: Nothing really, just took a break
J.T: Refueled i guess
Milidime: Lol, lets hope so
J.T: Nice time having you on our platform sir
Milidime: The pleasure is mine
J.T: Any word of advice to us your teaming fans around the world
Milidime: Work hard, stay positive, be persistent, seek for assistance when necessary, offer assistances when u are in the position to and believe in God
Download one of his songs below and anticipate his fire jam “Wetin U Get” which premiers live here on the best entertainment platform!!

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