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Erotic Story: My Doctor, My Lover - Lady Confesses Her S*x Adventure with Her Doctor

When your doctor decides to care in more ways than one, what do you do? Comfort shares a story about her s*xy adventures with her doctor.
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“Frank and I have only been married for two years. S*x between us is really good but I have never had an orgasm with him. He tries, he really does.
"He uses his hands and mouth. We have even attempted to use toys. To be quite honest, s*x with Frank is not so bad, but I did miss having regular orgasms.
"I have never actually considered cheating, and I have never been truly tempted until I met Dr. Joe.
"I started a new job and I chose his hospital for my HMO. During regular check ups, he would hit on me. He would tell me how attractive I was and how much he wanted to make love to me.
"He said my husband must be a lucky man to be able to have regular access to my n*ked body. It was nice to be noticed and it felt good to know I was still attractive, but I kept pushing him away.
"One day, after my regular session with him, he came over to where I sitting on the patient bed and began rubbing my thighs. He was saying those sweet words and soon, he started kissing me.
"I get really turned on quickly and I soon found myself returning his kisses. He must have spent ten minutes kissing me before doing anything else.
"Soon he had taken my clothes off and I was left in my underwear. He just pushed my bra down and started sucking and pulling on my nipples.
"My nipples are very sensitive and by this time, I was too far gone to stop things from going far.  I had totally lost control.
"I could feel my panties soaked with my juices starting to run down my leg. I needed to be f*cked so I slipped my panties off and told him to just fuck me.
"He was out of his scrubs in seconds and started pushing his dick in. I felt like he was splitting me in two. I looked down and his dick was much larger than my husband's who always filled me nicely.
"How was I going to accommodate a monster this size? I told him it was too big for me and I couldn't take it. He said he would go slow and he did.
"He spent minutes pushing in centimeter by centimeter. Since I was so lubricated it made it easier but once in he gave me no mercy. He pulled back and rammed it back in which literally took my breath away.
"My first orgasm came after only a few thrusts and it was the first orgasm since I was married. Dr. Joe f*cked me for at least twenty minutes and I had two more orgasms.
"I have not been able to cum with my husband and now I had three orgasms. I was hooked. He finally spewed his cum into me and left me breathless.
"For months, I avoided him but I was haunted with dreams and fantasies about the pleasures he gave me. I soon gave in and went for another doctor’s visit.
"I now have a regular doctor’s appointment twice a month.” *Wink wink*
Credits: Hot Pulse

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