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Glamorous Student, 'Sugar Baby' Gets 2.5K Pounds Monthly to Keep 60-year-old Doctor Company with No S*x Involved (Photos)

Glamorous student, says sugar daddy who she doesn't have s*x with showers her with gifts and gives her 2,500 Pounds every month, and she insists her boyfriend, doesn't mind.
Ilham Chocolat is given a £2,500-a-month allowance by her sugar daddy
A 25-year-old student identified as Ilham Chocolat, from Bologna, Italy, who was originally from Togo, has opened up on her glamorous lifestyle with a 60-year-old doctor, and how she is showered with money and gifts by the sugar daddy who is 35 years her senior. 
According to a report by Dailymail, the young lady revealed that the divorced doctor buys her 'anything she wants or needs' and gives her a monthly allowance of £2,500 so she can treat herself to designer handbags and lavish shopping sprees.  
Chocolat and her sugar daddy sip on cocktails in a bar
Chocolat in return for the money, goes on date with the doctor, from Rome, twice a month, and insists that they have never had s*x, while she described their relationship as a 'platonic love'.
She said; 'He enjoys his time with me. He said I made him feel like a small boy and full of energy,' Ilham said, adding that her 36-year-old boyfriend is perfectly happy with the unusual arrangement.

'While speaking further, she disclosed how she met her sugar daddy through a friend rather than a specialist dating website. 'I started a relationship with a man without understanding what the name [given to] the relationship was. I was 20 and he was 55,' she said.
She continued: 'I find men of my age very immature. So, when I met the older man, the doctor, he offered me a figure that I needed in that moment of my life. He didn't want anything physical from me. He was very, very smart.'
Together they have agreed the relationship will never become more serious, or sexual, largely because of the age difference, adding that the doctor treats her to high end clothes, stays in world class hotels, and has even bought her a diamond ring. 
She said; 'He gives me an allowance of 3,000 euros (£2,500) a month. He takes me shopping and anything I want he gets me. Whatever I want or need, I can have. If I need 5,000 or 6,000 euros I just ask him.'
The doctor bought Ilham, pictured serving customers, her own bar
The most extravagant gift came just a year after they met when the doctor bought her a bar, allowing her to fulfil her childhood dream of being a landlady. 
Miss Chocolat has even introduced the doctor to her family, and says they approve of the relationship.  

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