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Help! I Couldn't Resist My Female Cousin, Now I Am Afraid of Being Caught

A man has begged relationship expert, Deidre for help after falling into the temptation of having s*x with his female cousin.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
I have incredible s*x with my cousin whenever the rest of the family leave the house. I am so worried they will catch us.
My family are from an Asian background and we all live together. There is me, my younger sister, my parents, aunt and uncle and their three children, plus my grandparents. I am 26.
One night everyone was going out except me. My youngest cousin is five so he needs a babysitter. I offered to stay because I had studying to do. At the last minute my oldest cousin, who is 17 and was meant to be going to a party, said she did not feel well so she would not go after all.
The moment the others had gone she came into my bedroom and put her arms around me. She said she loved me and wanted me more than anything in the world. Common sense told me I should not respond but I did.
We kissed and got into bed and had s*x. We had to be as quiet as we could so as not wake the little one. But that made it all the more exciting. Since that evening we have had s*x whenever there has been an opportunity.
She was totally inexperienced. I have had a few girlfriends and teaching her what I know has been the most enjoyable part. We have nearly been caught and I will be thrown out if my aunt and uncle discover what is going on.
No way would they allow their daughter to have s*x.

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