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Horror: This Man is Plagued With a Mysterious Disease and Has Been Oozing Blood for Over 6 Months (Photo)

A man is seeking urgent help after being plagued with a mysterious disease that has left him oozing blood for a long time.
Ronald Chiwanza
Ronald Chiwanza, a forty-five-year old Zimbabwean man of Chiweshe in Mashonaland Central province has been oozing blood since December last year from a wound which only started as a small ulcer on his right leg below the knee.
According to H-Metro, the condition has become a mystery after he was told that bone was growing on top of bone on that leg. The ulcer that was first noticed in 2007 then started spreading affecting his whole body.
His medical records show that doctors whom Chiwanza consulted at Harare Hospital, are still failing to figure out what he is suffering from. Results of a scan conducted on his leg have indicated that he has a bone growing on top of another bone making it a mysterious disease.
“It only started as a small ulcer in 2007 below the knee and then it didn’t give me any pain I had my first x-ray in 2010 when the ulcer started to spread going down the leg and all this time I was seeking treatment at the local hospital. The scan only revealed that I had a growth. By 2014, the ulcer started giving me a bit of pain yet still there was no diagnosis. By 2016, the ulcer was now very big, hard and was giving me unbearable pain. I then used a razor blade in December last year to cut it and it oozed so much blood such that I thought I would pass out from losing too much blood,” narrated Chiwanza.
The father of four who used to sustain his family as a barber in Chiweshe said since 2014, he could not walk to the shopping centre where his barbershop is located.
“I came to Harare in December after it got worse, another scan was done and this time it revealed that I was developing another bone on top of the other. The last time I went to Harare hospital, a biopsy was recommended but I’m yet to have it done because I do not have the $50 needed. Since December, I have lost a lot of blood because almost every day the wound oozes blood,” he added.
Chiwanza’s sister, Grace, added that a lot of blood is oozing from the wound such that every day they mop up the blood from the floor. 
"He oozes blood almoty every day and I fear that he has lost too much blood already. A biopsy was recommended so that they can determine if it’s cancerous or not and he is yet to have it done because there is no money,” interjected the sister.
As Chiwanza grapples with coming to terms with his odd health condition, his sister Grace, can be forgiven for also suspecting that her brother was bewitched as doctors are even still struggling to come up with any diagnosis.
For the Chiwanza family, their prayer to finding a solution only lies in getting the biopsy conducted, a process which requires financial resources which at the moment are elusive considering that Ronald is out of employment.

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