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Man Discovers Something Shocking Around Wife's Private Part on Wedding Night

A young man has paid a painful sacrifice for waiting till his wedding night to s*xually explore his wife.
A Nigerian man has cried out to a relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin and his audience about his wife who he claims has a p*nis.
In the email sent to Olumofin, he reveals that they dated for over a year and she never for once got n*ked in front of him, Insisting on ‘No s*x before marriage’.
He says they got married on Monday, 17th of April, and before the reception, he begged her for s*x, but she refused. He says he agreed because ‘a little suspense is always good’.
Wedding night arrived, but to his greatest surprise, he saw his ‘beautiful wife’ with an erect p*nis when it was time to get down.
“I almost punched him/her. She said she was born that way but for Pete’s sake why did she hide such a thing from me? I can’t stop crying”, the distraught groom wrote.
“I built my life around her, I’m weak, I can’t even tell my friends. I feel like going to the lagoon or just taking otapiapia,”  he writes.
An update has it that the woman has surgically removed the p*nis but the damage has been done to the man's heart already. Read the update below:

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