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Omg! Nigerian Man Narrates How a Female Neigbour Forced Him to Perform Oral S*x on Her When He was Just 8

A Nigerian man has shared the sad story how he was sexually abused by a neigbhour who would force him to perform oral s*x on her.
Okenyi Kenechi
Sexual abuse does not happen to only women. A Nigerian man, Okenyi Kenechi has shared the shocking story how a mother who was his neigbour forced him to give her oral s*x at 8 after which he later developed infection on his lips. But, nobody believed him as they said he lied against the woman. The woman denied ever doing such a thing with him. 
He took to Facebook to share his touching story while warning parents to be very careful who they leave their children with. He said the story happened in 1997, in Nsukka, Enugu State.
Kenechi's story has been attracting attention as most people tend to forget that the male child also suffers sexual abuse. In most cases, these heartless abusers escape justice just like the evil woman who forced him to perform oral s*x on her did.

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