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Pure Chaos: You Won't Believe What a Rainstorm Did to a Practicing Lawyer in Kwara State

A practicing lawyer is counting his losses bitterly after a powerful rainstorm rid him of some really important things in his home.
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Mr. Bayo Bako, a legal practitioner, on Wednesday said he lost books worth over N25m aside other documents and property to rainstorm.
According to The Punch, he stated that he had escorted downstairs a client who visited him in his office at 508 Umaru Saro Road, Gari-Alimi, Ilorin, Kwara State, when the rainstorm started.
He said he could not immediately go back to his office located at the topmost floor of the building because of the rainstorm.
He added that as soon as the storm subsided, he went into his office only to be confronted with remnants of his books, legal documents of his clients, which included certificates of occupancy, and furniture that had been destroyed by the rainstorm after the roof of the building was blown off.
He called for assistance from government and other stakeholders.
Bako said, “On Wednesday, there was heavy rain and the storm blew off all the roof of my office at the second floor of the building.

“Prior to the rainstorm, I had escorted a client downstairs. Because at that time, the rain was heavy; I could not go back. After the storm stopped, I went upstairs and saw that cabinets, books and documents, among others, were already soaked and destroyed.

“It was a very painful incidence because most of the books were very costly even by the time that I bought them. I bought many books during NBA conferences and anytime I see books, I stock them into my library.

“The books destroyed will be up to N25m, aside the documents, such as certificates of occupancy of my clients and all the property of my clients. It is difficult to quantify the documents.

“If I can get help, I will appreciate it.”
Bako said he had been contacting his clients to come forward in order to plan on what to do to retrieve the destroyed documents.

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