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Serious Commotion as Yahoo Boy Goes Mad After Digging Grave of Powerful Fetish Priest for Money Ritual

A yahoo-yahoo boy has finally met his match after he reportedly ran mad after digging the grave of a powerful fetish priest.
A shrine belonging to the fetish priest
Residents of Nhyiaeso, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region were on Thursday thrown into a state of shock when a young man known as Y. B suddenly started behaving strangely after he confessed to digging the grave of a popular and powerful fetish priest, Anthony Nimo, who died last year.
According to Adom News, the young man, who is said to be a ‘Sakawa’ boy (yahoo-yahoo boy) ransacked the grave and collected every bone he found and consulted a fetish priest to perform rituals for him to become rich.
It was gathered that the fetish priest is said to have told him, that the person’s whose bones he had supplied was someone who had fortified himself spiritually while alive and as a result his bone couldn’t be used for money rituals even in his death.
The family of the Spiritualist visited his grave Thursday morning which marks exactly a year of his passing on, to perform some rites but were horrified when they realized that his remains were nowhere to be found.
The family then rushed to the Nhyiaeso Police station to lodge a complaint. But an eye witness, Kenneth Owusu Sarfo told Kasapa News that not long after the family left the police station, news went round that Y.B had started behaving weirdly, had stripped naked and was confessing to ransacking the late fetish priest’s grave at dawn for money rituals.
The police were invited to the scene following which they picked him up.

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