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The Youth Summit for the Southwest Region Debuts in October. 

After a successful Peace Concert and Fiesta at Ile Ife, In-House Entertainment LTD has announced the next event, expected to bring young people from the SouthWestern region of the country together. The event is expected to empower young people right there at the event. 

Speaking to journalists after the Fiesta, Ambassador Ayo George, CEO of In-House Entertainment hinted that The Youth Summit is not just going to be a talk shop.

He said "we have been used to having seminars and summits that the speakers would just come to excite everyone, say motivational stuffs that is almost impossible to make happen in this kind of environment. The Youth Summit is going to be different. It is going to be a platform to empower young people with information and financial support. I remember trying to register my first company was tough. N8,000 at the time for business name was really tough until an uncle loaned me that. You get a young man or woman started in life if he or she can do business starting from the bottom right to the top. This is what The Youth Summit is about, this is what In-House Entertainment is about, making life better whether with social events or intellectual events, and we chose Ibadan because the city is at the centre and it is accessible to everyone from other states in the region". He concluded. 

The Youth Summit comes up on Monday, the 2nd of October, 2017 in Ibadan, Africa

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