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‘Why we decided to take legal action against Blackface’ – Efe Omorogbe

  • He calls it the first step in finally putting an end to Blackface's defamatory statements through the years.
Blackface and 2Baba.
2face’s longterm manager Efe Omorogbe has spoken out on why his client has decided to seek redress to what they call Blackface’s consistent slander of his former bandmate.
Speaking to our correspondent, Efe Omorogbe said the said letter is the first step into finally putting an end to the baseless allegations from Augustine ‘Blackface’ Ashiedu over the years.
‘We’re giving him the opportunity to retract his malicious statements or apologize for them before deciding on court action. Court is usually the last step seeking justice for injuries to reputations such as this, he said.
Asked what informed the sudden change in action as 2face’s management had hitherto ignored Blackface’s claims, Omorogbe told us, ‘Well we reserve the right to change our mind on how best to respond. It was our choice to ignore him while we did and now we’ve decided to take action. He has seven days to retract or apologize has instructed by our lawyers’.
The most recent development of 2face’s legal team contacting Blackface officially to cease and desist from issuing defamatory statements about 2face.
Blackface claims he is responsible for all of 2face’s successes beginning from African Queen as well as owning Let Somebody Loves You which he describes as theft of his intellectual property.

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