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The C.E.O vibesOfnaija Raj - Thafinxt, Decides to get on a quick Chat Interview with Jimmy Jack, who is currently the new Deal in the gospel World of Music, he is a minister who is known by many because of his good music with great message and vibes.

Raj caught up with Jimmy Jack and below is the Excerpts of the interview.....

Good day sir, please can you introduce your self to those who don't know you better?

Thanks am Jimmyjack a gospel artist from Benue state

Nice having you here, kindly tell us, what made you to choose gospel as your kind of music?

I didnt actually choose gospel I was born into a Godly family growing I heard encounters and then a call to to minister in God's vineyards with what he gave to me
This birthed the music ministry we have today.

Tell us about the challenges you face as a gospel artist if there is any

Smiles... Well Just as the holy Scripture say man born of a woman is full of troubles as spark fly up the sky I got a lot of challenges but would mention few
1. Fund which is primarily the storm
2. Production and mastering of your song that one is a story for another day
3. Platforms and means of promoting your work

About your music, how would you say it has affected the community, how has it preached the gospel?

Entertainment sectors don't look out for you and in most cases it's few folks in the Church that are ready to support you as an upcoming!!!
thanks for this question am inspired by what I see as a gospel art currently I have a track titled EKO amongst others I sing or rap what I think people need to put into consideration to be good Christians and have a strong hope in God, eko an Idoma song titled Time was an inspiration from Ecclesiastes 3:1 and Psalm 102:13
When people hear this Songs of course their faith is uplifted I have gotten several confirmation to that..


Being a Gospel artist, have you being talked over by your friends to switch Your kind of music from gospel to what's trending?

Yeah alot of time, infact I got a slot from a record label in Lagos but that was a trap from them to buy me over, I mean which record label in Nigeria would sign you and still pay for the gospel you sing?

So how are you financing your project and how is your family being in support of your choice of music?

That's a real bone up my cleave, most of my family members have been graced with my performance either at church or a program so the are in support but and the are given me thier full support as best as they can then support from one or two friends financially is what has been the pivot

In your own view, how would you rate the gospel industry in Nigeria, is it growing, is there still politics in it or it's just just there?

The gospel industry is growing if I must say with the inclusion of the body called FOGMON and with churches like Coza, Christ Embassy And more which has laid it on themselves to support their own brand

Apart from music tell us what else do you do?

Well as graduate from Federal Polytechnic Idah where I studied Electrical Electronics Engineering I still hope to continue my studies at the university

Tell us, what should we be expecting from you and how long should we wait?

Smiles alot I just featured a dope gospel rapper called Mgp dropping this month *Got only Jesus* working on a dance hall beat song titled *strong and Better* got an afro pop sound turning in before the year runs out and most likely would drop my album next year

Thanks bro, it's nice having you here, thanks,

Connect with Jimmy Jack on social Media

Instagram @Jimmyjackjay
Twitter: @Jimmyjack4692
Facebook: Jimmy Jack

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