Four Notorious Robbery Suspects Land in Hot Soup in Ibadan

armed robbery syndicate terrorizing the residents of Ibadan, Oyo State
have been finally nabbed and paraded by the police force prior to their
The robbery suspects paraded
Four robbery suspects namely Liadi Afeez a.k.a. Ige (22), Semiu
Fasasi a.k.a Oluomo (21), Afeez Adeyemo a.k.a. Ijoba Oke (25) and Yakubu
Kamorudeen (23) were arrested by the police during operation at Wisdom
Estate, Akobo, Ibadan, Oyo State. 
The state Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude, said that the
gang, which had been responsible for armed robbery in various parts of
the state, not only dispossessed victims of their valuables, its members
also inflicted varying degrees of injuries on them through machete
One of the victims, a woman who was inflicted with machete cuts, narrated her household’s experience to Tribune: “As soon as they entered our house, they started attacking my husband with their machetes.
As they were attacking my husband, one just used the machete to
cut his face. One of them even said they should kill him so as to teach
him a lesson for refusing to open the door on time. 

As one of them raised the machete to cut him, I just used my
hand to block the machete, and I sustained deep cut on my right hand. My
husband ran through the kitchen door to escape from the house, and they
faced me, telling me I had allowed him to escape. 

They asked for our mobile phones and our wedding rings but I
told them I don’t use jewelry. They said if I didn’t cooperate, that
they would cut the second hand. My right hand was bleeding at that time,
and they even removed the wristwatch I had on with the blood.

After they left us, they went to the next house. Inside our
house, they fired a shot but my husband had escaped by that time. In the
morning, we discovered that they raided about 16 houses in our

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