I Stabbed My Fiancee for Refusing to Marry Me, My Mum Knows I’m Into Crime – Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans Tells Untold Story

details have emerged as notorious billionaire kidnapper, Evans has
begged for forgiveness, promising to be a good Christian if he is
finally freed from detention.
Evans, the notorious kidnapper
Nigerian billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike, also known as Evans, who was paraded
by the police in Lagos on Sunday, has made some shocking revelations as
he begged for forgiveness while promising to be a good Christian if he
is freed. 
The father-of-five who is known for not negotiating his ransom
admitted that he collects his ransom in American dollars to be different
from other kidnappers, also said he had already relocated his wife and
children from Ghana to Canada.
He also said though his mother was aware of his life of crime, she
was never in support and has never visited him or known where he lives.
Here’s his confessions in full;
“My mum has never been to my house. She knows I’m into crime
but never supports me. It all started in the year 2000 when I fled my
home town in Opi, Nsukka Local Government of Enugu State to Lagos after
stabbing my fiancee when she decided not to marry me

“I started in Anambra state during the tenure of Peter Obi as
the governor of the state when a hunch man introduced me to kidnapping.
We were later forced to leave Anambra state and moved to Edo later
Lagos. I had boys

‘I had boys from Warri, Delta state who worked for me. The
first job I got in Lagos was at Johnbulls Ikoyi as a driver to the CEO.
One day we were going to his office and my boss said that he wanted to
visit a friend. The moment he stepped into his friend’s house, I took
the sum of N350,000 he had in the car and ran away to Ghana’ he

“I later returned to Nigeria after few months and avoided Ikoyi
where my ex-boss office is situated. I then got a new job as a driver
in the fashion I did before. I also stole N600,000 and eloped to Ghana

“I returned to Lagos in 200 and used my old method to secure
another job as a driver at the home of the first family I kidnapped
their daughter. When I realised that they are very rich and loved their
daughter deeply. I took the girl to Ghana from where I demanded a ransom
of only N20m but the girl’s father paid N22m instead. I then freed the
girl in Ghana.

“Once I got this money, I ventured into an extravagant
lifestyle and bought a house in Ghana. Then, I bought over five exotic
cars and a truck. I began to show prominently in social functions where
people hailed the way I was spending money. 

“I spent over N2m on orphanages and local primary schools in
Ghana. The Deputy Nigeria Ambassador to Ghana and other prominent
Nigerians were also in attendance at the handing over ceremony of my

“Early this year, I was arrested along with my wife, in Lagos.
We were brought to the court but we later regained our freedom due to
the power of my money and connections.

“I have to admit, I have done wrong and I have caused pains to
several families but I want to live and pay for my evil crimes. I heard
several stories about SARS and their operations but I never thought that
I would one day be brought here for reckoning.

“I am just asking for another chance, I am sorry for my action,
I will become a Christian, if only I have another chance. I cannot
remember the number of people I have kidnapped so far. I took part in
high profile kidnappings in Edo State where I got N10million as my

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