Unbelievable Drama as Witch Doctor Suddenly Disappears With His Client’s Wife…Shocking Details

A Witch Doctor has shocked his client after he suddenly disappeared with the man’s wife who came to seek help.
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A man is reeling from agony, and regretting why he sought the
services of a Mganga kutoka Tanga (witchdoctor from Tanga, Tanzania)
after the alternative practitioner duped him, and eloped with his wife. 
According to SDE, Amadi likes to blame all his woes on fate.
“Before I was born, my father was a very rich man, losing all his wealth months before I was born,” a
tired line he always dropped whenever he met new friends. He always
goes on and on about his misfortunes till he starts sounding like a
broken record.
Of course, nobody likes to be suckered into another man’s calamities. “We all have our own problems, so please stop encumbering us with yours,” he was once told.
Not long ago, however, a poster proclaiming the prowess of a
witchdoctor (who recently relocated from Tanga) popped up in our
Profesa, as the medicine man called himself, professed to cure the
‘evil eye and forces’, wasi wasi (worries), bahati mbaya (bad luck)
among other maladies.
His setting-up shop in the area elicited a lot of excitement from the locals, the most hopeful among them being Amadi.
He was the first to visit the witchdoctor’s shrine at the break of
dawn with a black cock firmly tucked in his armpit. He recounted his
colourless life to the old witchdoctor who listened attentively to his
every word.
“Your problem my friend, is attitude and bad luck,”
Profesa told Amadi. When he, however, insisted that indeed his stars
were aligned all wrong making his fate unfavourable, the old man agreed
to foretell his future on condition that he reads his palm alongside
that of his wife.
“This kind of divination requires the both of you so that we can determine the problem once and for all,” the Profesa explained.
When they visited the next day, Amadi was made to wait at the
hearth, which served as a reception while his missus went in for palm
The session took rather long, and Amadi was tempted to knock and
inquire if all was well. However, at long last, she emerged from the
room all happy as though life’s burdens had been lifted off her
Then our man was summoned by Profesa. He took his left hand, peered long the lines on his palm, then announced his diagnosis.
“Your heart line indicates that you are going to have a long and healthy life,” he said, pointing out the bold line stretching from his wrist all the way to his fingers.
“However, right here, you see this place, where the line of
sanity is interrupted by the line of relationship, therein lies your
Amadi was informed. Amadi was told that his marriage was an unfortunate mismatch.
“She may be loyal and all that, but a couple has to be compatible. Your luck will change as soon as you replace this woman,” Profesa warned.
No sooner did Amadi get home than he sent his wife packing, asking
her to take her bad luck elsewhere, shouting how fed up with her he was.
As if she was waiting for the opportunity, she moved in with the
old witchdoctor immediately. And before Amadi knew what hit him, the
witchdoctor had changed base and eloped with his wife.
Apparently, the witchdoctor had charmed Amadi’s wife and schemed with her while foolish Amadi was waiting at the hearth. 

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