Exclusive Interview With Kaduna Based Upcoming Artist Known As YoungLighter [Read]

Welcome to another Edition of Vibesofnaija.com Exclusive Interview sessions where we host Upcoming artist to get insight on their musical journey and draw them closer to their fans to know their plans and hustle in the entertainment world. Here we have a Budding Artist who goes by the name YoungLighter, he was interviewed By the C.E.O of vibesofnaija.com Raj-Thafinxt and below is the Excerpts of the interview…

Good day bro, nice having you on vibesofnaija

Thank you very much

Kindly give us a quick introduction about yourself and your art

Well am Isaac oluwafemi by name younglight is my stage name
Am an artist and also a song writer

OK, tell us how you managed to start up as an artist?

OK… It all began wey back then in children choir in church I always lead them during chorus so the children choir master Mr israel sit me down and set me in 2 music
In 2012 at adamawa poly Mubi was d 1st time I came up on stage although av been writing so many song but have not been 2 the studio for record before

How would you describe you kind of music and why do you choose that kind of music?

U know as an artist we all have different field am not a rapper am a singer but I rap. Why I choose that style which is singing is because its very easy for me to cum up with songs compare to other line

So who inspired you to go into music, and how have your parents been supporting you?

A lady inspired me in to music whom i won’t mention her name yet. My mom have been a great support although my dad has also heard my songs but u know now we men hardly admit but what he just say to me that my songs are nice that I should keep it up
My mom ask me do I have passion nd love for what am doing my respond was yes and she wish me well

So far so good, what are the plans you have put in place in promoting your art to the next level and how is ur fan base engagements?

Well u know with God all things are possible. First of all prayer is d master key followed by capital which is money
I gat so many plans in promoting my slf
Out of it is I always see my self in a higher level that y I make so many sacrifices, my saving more to be promoted on air, radio stations TV internet and so on
For my fans u no all they want is to c younglight grow
And do new things.. Things they av not seen or heard before

So let’s talk about how you manage to get inspiration and how you get to record a new song, how is it like?

Wow my song inspiration when its comes its divine divine in the sense that if am alone or in the mist of people songs come 2me as if am conversing with someone
U no when u want to drop a new song and u feel its a hit song when u are at the studio this feeling just come on you.
Like u won’t want to make error.. After recording u listen over and over and over again 2c if there’s mistakes before sending it out to your fans And the world


So which artist do you look up to, which of top artist do you admire?

Reminisce has always been the artist I look up to.. And I would love to work with him someday in my track

Before we go, let ur fans and viewers know of your plans and how you think your music would change the world

To my fans and to the world I want u all to know that younglight has many to offer to them through music and I believe nd know that my songs will change the world for good and to the generations coming will I impact good and moral behavior through music

It’s good having you here, thanks for honoring this interview.

Thank u very much

Connect With Him on…..
Facebook: Isaac oluwafemi
Instagram: @youngligther

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