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Reward for Academic Excellence versus Entertainment: Seyi Law shares his Thoughts

Some days back, a photo surfaced online of the Best Graduating Student from the School of Medicine University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) receiving a dummy cheque of N10,000 from the institution’s Medical Students Association.
As the photo circulated social media, several commenters expressed displeasure on the poor reward for academic excellence as opposed to entertainment.
Comedian Seyilaw has shared his thoughts on the issue. See below:
I saw this picture and read a lot of comments on it and I had a good laugh. We don’t seem to realise that BBN is business that brings returns and profit to the organisers while Prize giving is just a CSR for the giving party which is not compulsory by any means.
We talk about how Educational events gets less sponsors and low reward prizes and we blame everybody but ourselves. May I ask when last we watched ” Who wants to be a millionaire”? Oh ho!
If we are truly pained, let’s develop an Education based entertainment show that can guaranty millions of viewership, following and bring in good returns and watch companies eat out of the palms of our hands until then, we will keep crying for nothing.
Abi, we think say the shareholders of the companies won’t want to count profits and improved dividends? Abegi, make I continue with my snoring jor.
In another post, Seyi Law said:
Still on the BBN and the best Graduating Student issue. We must learn accept the rot we allowed and make amends. We can’t keep relying on privately owned businesses to do the job of the government. I say this because this why our government is begging Dangote to complete his refinery by 2019 not minding the monopoly that can arise from it.
We won’t see it now until the results of the bad decision start showing and we will look for who to blame except ourselves. I mustn’t always come on social media to show people I have helped in their educational journeys, but they are numerous.
It is not bragging, it is fact. We need to also (know) the money was not from the bank but the students’ association. I am sure some people don’t even know they paid for the Big Brother Prize anyway. If you must succeed in education in Nigeria, you had better find motivation from within yourself and if any support comes it is an added advantage at least in the Nigeria of today.

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