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10 Different Type Of People You Would See In A Betting Shop

Hello People, Happy Weekend, welcome to #VibesOfNaija Blog, I (Raj-Thafinxt) want to give a quick review about 10 different kind of people you would sure find in a game betting shop. The trend has been going on for a some time now and it sure that bet companies is here to stay in Nigeria as both the young and old Play this game in a bid to get rich since the economy of the country is bad, Its a way of hope to many, few have gained from betting, while many have worsen their case by using their hard earned money to play without winning and rendering themselves useless.

Check Out List Of 10 People You Would See In A Betting Shop

1. The bet Professors (sure Game givers)
This set of people don't have money to book game for their selves, they go their to help others to book games, they win sometimes, and most times a game would cut their ticket. When they have money and book a game for themselves, the ticket would cut almost all the game, but they can help another person win

2. The Financiers
This set of people don't know how to play the game, they go their, meet another person who calls him self a bet professor, the bet professor in turn selects a sure game for him, most time they loss, when luck is on their side they win.

3. The Beggars
You can find this guy's in the game betting shop everyday of the week. They are always broke, they beg for money from other people to join I together to play, they would be hungry but they prefer to try their luck by playing.. And most times they loss

4. The phone Chargers
Current Naija Electricity issue, all betting shops in Naija have a standby generator that can be on for 15 hours straight, so some peeps go their only to charge their phones

5. The Thieves
This guy's are the Ole. Their sole aim is to go and thief phones, money or any valuable they can lay their hands on. This guy's are professional, when your eyes is fixed on the screen, they do their own bid.

6. The Dstv watchers
Some bet game shops show live football matches, so this set of people don't have money to pay a viewing center, they prefer to go and watch it in a betting shop.

7. The Pen Borrower
This set of people can burrow biro for Africa, they can even take it home or give it to another person that would burrow it from them.

8. The heavy spenders
This set of guys can spend, they book game with big amount of money from 50k to 20k, some can come to the bet shop with over 50k and spend all on booking without winning... Sometimes they win.

9. The Winner Turn Loser
This guy's are olodo, they would come to the game shop sometimes with a small money lets say #150, play a game, and before you know their luck would shine, winning over 10k to 20k, they would not stop and go home, they would play to win more, before you know it, they would loss all the money back to square zero. Chai

10. The Shop Owners.
This guys are the jobless people, go there in the morning you would see them, they even sometimes help to sweep the shop, clean, on Gen, put on the TV and they are not employed. They just spend most of their time in the betting shop.

Feel free to add yours. It's a free world.

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