Community in Shock as Pregnant Woman is Gang-r*ped Then Killed Inside Her Own Home

A pregnant woman has been raped and killed inside her home, a development that has left her community in complete shock.
A window where unknown assailants accessed through into Njeri’s bedroom
Yvonne Njeri, an expectant mother was r*ped and killed in her house in Uthiru, Kiambu County, on Saturday, SDE reports.
The body of the 21-year-old lady, who was six months pregnant, was discovered in her bedroom by her younger sister who had gone to check on her at around 6am.
Evelyne Wanjiru said she found her sister’s n*ked body on the floor. Ms Wanjiru said she could not tell what had happened to Njeri.
“She had just hosted my birthday party on Friday evening and was jovial when we parted ways,” she said. 
Their mother, Eunice Wamaitha, said they had a meal together before her daughter left for work around 1am. Ms Wamaitha, 37, said she called her daughter several times because she had complained of pain in her back.

“She told me she was fine every time I called her. I spoke to her last around 3.30am before her phone went off,”said Wamaitha. 
Wanjiru said she found the main door of her sister’s house open. She went to the bedroom and found her sister’s lifeless body on the floor.
“I was so shocked. I screamed as I rushed out to alert our cousin and the neighbours,” she said.
Their uncle, Julius Ngugi, said his niece’s assailants had raped her and used a piece of cloth to strangle her. The cloth was found around her neck and tied to a seat.

“By the time we got to her bedroom after getting the information, she was already dead. We noticed signs of a commotion in the bedroom,” said Mr Ngugi.

“The deceased had injuries on her face and we also suspect her attacker or attackers used a blunt object to hit her.”
The grass in the compound had been trampled upon and there were muddy patches on the window.
The victim’s family suspect her assailants gained access into the house using an opening in the roof.

“It appears the attacker or attackers scaled the window and went through the roof to access her bedroom where she was sleeping. We are not sure how many attackers they were or why they killed her,” he added.
Ngugi said Ms Njeri’s mobile phone was missing. A distraught Wamaitha said she could not comprehend why anybody would kill her daughter.
However, she said her daughter had told her of friction between her and her boyfriend, who she said was the father of Njeri’s unborn baby.
Wamaitha said she had never met her daughter’s boyfriend; Wanjiru said her he would visit her from time to time.
Wamaitha said the killer must have been familiar with the house because he took keys from a tray in the siting room and opened the main door.  

“I demand justice for my daughter. Her killers must be brought to book. My daughter had a bright future that has been cut off by a monster. She wanted to pursue a career in the hospitality industry,” she said.
Dagoretti OCPD Rashid Mohammed said they had already launched investigations into the killing. The officer however said they were yet to make any arrests.

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