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I Had Amazing S*x with My Bestfriend's Man - Woman Shares Experience

A woman has narrated to relationship expert Deidre how she betrayed her friend by sleeping with her man.
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But we are just mates and it seems nothing more will happen. I’m a 29-year-old girl and he was the boyfriend of one of my best friends. He’s 34.
We became physical once behind her back when we all went to a festival one weekend a couple of years ago. His then-girlfriend — my friend — went home early with the flu but we stayed behind in our little tent together to enjoy the rest of the weekend.
We had too much vodka on the Saturday afternoon and lay in each other’s arms. We kissed and cuddled then started feeling underneath each other’s clothes. One thing led to another and we had s*x.
It was amazing and just felt right somehow. Afterwards, I felt bad because she saw me as a good friend but thank goodness, she never found out about it. We agreed we should steer clear of one another after that before someone got hurt.
Eventually he split up with her when she went to work abroad for a year. He and I never stopped being friends and carried on having s*x occasionally too.
I met somebody else and was with him for six months until we eventually split up. He had no idea I had cheated on him four times with this other guy while we were together. It’s like we can’t resist one another.
We’ve since had lots of dates, going to hotels and clubs. We even went to Venice for the weekend. Now he holds my hand in public, we go out to restaurants, we laugh together and we burp, fart, pee and poop together.
We are like a real old couple. He has a twinkle in his eye that I’ve never seen before. But our families just see us as good friends and I worry he does too. How can I tell him I love him without him running away?
I just want to take things to the next level and make us official. I’d love a relationship with him.

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