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4 Things Your Make Up Artists Really Wish They Could Tell You

No matter how great you think you are with eye shadows, powder, and brushes, your makeup never really comes out as “flawless”. You never look like the celebrities on TV, cover of glamorous magazines or slay queens on Instagram …but then, that’s ok because you are not a make-up artist (MUA). The MUAs are the ones behind all the fabulousity. They are able to beat your face up so good it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from Beyoncé’s.
Without a doubt, make up artists can be life-savers for many; and while quite a number are skilled, some have a hard time working their magic. They may be calm and putting on a smile, but have a thunderstorm raging in their minds, thanks to the unrealistic expectations clients tend to have and the unnecessary banter they are forced to have with clients.
Ever wonder what they are really thinking while working mere inches from your face? Here are some things MUAs wish they could say to their clients:

Arrive at your appointment with a clean, moisturized face
A number of people do not know this, but no matter how good or skilled your MUA is, your makeup is only as good as your skin underneath. A number of clients would rather die than wash their face and exfoliate before their appointment. They show up with dry, dirty skin. Some will even neglect the gigantic pimples and expect the MUA to help them pop it. Most disappointing is when the MUA says to them: Did you clean your face before coming? And they say they have. Like, who is being the fool in the situation really? Neglecting to do the needful just makes things harder for both yourself and the MUA.

I’m a makeup artist, not your dermatologist or even therapist
You have paid N15, 000 for a session, so you must also learn the trade while you are at it. You ask the MUA to give you a list of all the makeup items and products she used during the session. Then you ask them to write a prescription or recommend a regiment that will help you manage your skin, keep it fresh and eternally glowing. Also, you ask for coaching on how to use products and manage the prescription. Really? The make up artist is there to make you look pretty. You don’t have to bleed them dry.
Even worse is when the client decides the MUA would also pass for their therapist and goes on to pour out his/her heart to the MUA, even seeking their help to make life decisions. Do not take advantage of the MUAs intentions to make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. They are not there to help you celebrate your milestones or mourn your losses in life. Keep it professional, please.

Contouring is not for everyone
You love Kim Kardashian’s contoured look and you want to pull it off at some grand event, so you invite the MUA and insist on heavy, contoured makeup. You are unwilling to consider the fact that 1. You do not have a full glam squad that will hang around you at the event for touch up and blends. 2. Your face is not just cut out for contouring and forcing it will not give you the flattering look you are aiming for.
Be assured that contouring is high maintenance and impractical and should not be a do-or-die affair, especially when the MUA has advised against it.
Be realistic; if you are must copy a look, find someone with your with a skin tone that’s as close enough to yours, as possible

Mind your manners and don’t forget gratuity
Yes, your makeup artist is rendering a service to you and expects to get paid at the end. The fact that you are paying them for their time and skill does not in any way make you superior to them. It is not justification enough to be rude to them or disrespect them in any. Don’t sit in your chair and say things like” “I hope you know what you are doing oh, I don’t want to come out looking like Bobrisky” or treat them like lepers – refusing to let them sit on your furniture maybe. or making them take off their footwear outside the gate.
The make up industry is a small circle and you don’t want to be marked as the uncouth one. Also, don’t try to pull any stunt like refusing to pay up at the end of the session because the MUA did not make you look like Nicki Minaj.

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