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7 Reasons Why We Simply Cannot Ignore Speed Darlington

It’s almost impossible to be pop-culture conscious in Nigeria, and not know the phrase “bang da dadang”. The phrase which is the title of a song by controversial US-based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington, has gained quite a measure of popularity since its release earlier this year. It has been regularly played at Nigerian night clubs. As much as we enjoy the song, we cannot deny an even greater love for the artist behind it. This is because Mr. Darlington has been putting out viral music and particularly risqué videos since 2011, but is yet to be booked for any major show. Speed Darlington certainly has a knack for keeping us entertained, so here are 7 reasons why we simply cannot ignore him.
He is extremely confident and not afraid to go for what he wants
From giving himself titles like “energy god”, “Scorpio king” “ Irregular speedometer” to associating himself with phrases such as “I am not regular” “Inspiring Diddy since 2017”, Speed Darlington has proven he is not one to be fazed by anything. Despite the backlash from haters, he stays optimistic about his journey to stardom. He constantly refers to himself as an international rapper, always ready to spit a freestyle and never hesitates to request for support or ask for what he wants. When it comes to love, he is not shy about his preferences. He is also not one to chase after women or spend money to get their attention, as he believes his person is already more than enough to offer.
He has interesting political views
Yes, he is all about music, but he seems to also have some interesting and strong political views. From the Instagram rant, where he expressed his anger at US President, Donald Trump, for granting African artists, visas to the US to hold concerts, to the satiric post where he called out dogs bearing the names of allegedly corrupt Nigerian leaders, he seems to be a man of the people.
He has even expressed his views on IPOB in a post where he put up a picture stating “Buhari is dead! Glory be to God!!” and supported it with the caption:” I’m happy! If I can’t be the 1st president of Biafra, then I don’t want it.” Perhaps he will be running for the presidency in the nearest future? No?
His unique style
Speed Darlington is certainly not regular. He is hardly ever pressured to conform to fashion or beauty trends. He actually has a unique style which he constantly rocks. Most outstanding perhaps, is his unique hairstyle, which he has confirmed to be a “transmitter and receiver of energy”.
His “cute” obsession with Tonto Dike
Not a lot of men will constantly broadcast their feeling for a woman despite being ignored for so long. From posting pictures of the star, announcing a reward for her phone number, photoshopping her into a picture that shows his intention to marry her and make an honest woman out her, to even rejecting Princess Vitara’s advance on the basis that Tonto Dike does not come with the package, Speed Darlington may be Nigeria’s last Romeo.
He is proud of his origin
A number of artists in diaspora are not quick to associate themselves with their roots, but Speedy is not one of them. From his throwback posts to mentions, the local traditional beads he wears with everything and the occasional use of his indigenous dialect, he is always alluding to his heritage and descent. 10 minutes on his social media page is enough for you to figure out he is an Igbo boy from Nigeria and we love him for it.
He keeps it real and he‘s actually got jokes
Despite being confident, he is far from proud. He is one fellow that likes to keep it real. He has not one pretentious bone in his body and is not ashamed to show himself for who he is. In fact, he gets excited over little victories and makes posts about them. And when he feels slighted or humiliated in any way, he expresses himself quite sentimentally. For instance, most artists will not admit to their fears or share their disappointment, but he does that regularly. And even more, he’s actually got jokes. In one of his posts, he made a joke about how he has girls in his inbox, but they are 5000 miles away and ‘his thing ain’t that long to go such distance because he’s barely 9 inches’.
There is never a dull moment with Speed Darlington
The dude is super entertaining. He engages in the most entertaining social media wars. Actually, his popularity stems from an explosive Twitter feud Vic O. Since then he has had his popularity stems from an explosive Twitter feud Vic O. Since then he has had beef with Princess Vitarah, BobriskyDon JazzyWizkid.  He is also very apt at cussing out event organizers who swindle him or refuse to give him props. Most explosive perhaps is the one with the organizers of One Africa Fest for not giving him his props as the “King of New York City”.
Basically, If you’re not following him yet, open a new window, log in to Instagram, and rectify the situation immediately.
Watch the latest hit single here:

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