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Drake Is 31! Here are Three Nigerian Musicians That Have Worked with Drake

The most popular October born person alive – Drake is thirty one today. 
In the past eight years of his official musical career, Drake has shattered the glass ceiling of hip-hop stereotypes by exploring various influences outside of the genre. His knack for diversity has attracted a lot of backlash from both hip hop heads and general consumers but these spiteful assertions have not caused the rapper to conform.
Drake stays diversifying and one has to admit that his ability to jump on a foreign sound and own it is what sets him aside.
One of the many sounds he has tapped into is the African and Caribbean melody. Although a lot of people are aware of his ties with Wizkid, here is a list of three Nigerian pop acts that Drake has worked with. 
The Wizkid and Drake [working] relationship is one that is recognized across the world and their musical bond birthed the illustrious Ojuelegba remix, One Dance – the first song to hit 1 billion plays on Spotify and also Come closer which recently went gold in Canada. 
On the 18th of March Drake released a 22 track tape themed More Life and Burna boy’s vocal was sampled on the fifth track on the more life project titled ‘Get it Together’. 
The song is mainly dominated by the vocals of British newcomer Jorja Smith while Drake only appears in the chorus.
Surprisingly, towards the end of the track, Burna boy’s vocals were sampled. Burna boy has since confirmed that he made contributions to track after he affirmed the tweet of a fan who took note of the sample. 
Drake and Burna were pictured together in UK early February 2016.
Mr Eazi is a musical nomad and his thirst for international prominence has seen him trade verses with various artistes outside the African continent. During an interview with Complex, Mr Eazi disclosed that he has ties with Drake’s OVO camp and hinted a possible collaboration with Drake.
‘The OVO come the other day, and someone was introducing me to Majid Jordan. I met Drake some days ago in London. He already knew the music. He already knew who I was, ‘he told Complex.
Mr Eazi’s Accra to Lagos mixtape contains a collaboration with Toronto-based artiste, Big Lean, who is a member of Drake’s OVO camp.

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