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Debbie Larry – Izamoje: For Those Struggling to Count Their Blessings

If we put up a poll, most people will probably vote 2017 as their hardest year yet. I’ve seen social media memes describing the struggles people faced this year; and although these memes are hilarious, they don’t change take away the pain that was felt at certain points during the year.

Life, however, has taught me that it’s really a rollercoaster and how you perceive your situation is key. I’ve decided to put things in perspective for those struggling to be grateful this season.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

Thank God for the Closed Doors
I strongly believe that closed doors are sometimes a form of protection from the unknown. Sometimes when our expectations aren’t met, we murmur and complain about the promises we were sure God placed in our way. We murmur about his timing and sometimes try to fix what we forget He has the power to and will have done so if he wanted to. I often try to envision God’s reaction when I take power into my hands and mess things up. Does he get upset? Does he laugh? How could my tiny hands and thoughts try to create roads in places He has blocked. The audacity! To try and compete with An All-knowing, All-powerful One. It’s almost likened to a 1-year-old trying to open a door closed by an adult.

So in this season, let’s thank God that we didn’t get burnt any further by taking control of situations he stopped. Thank him because your set back only prepares you for your set up. That he provides us with our needs before we know them, and our wants will never be more important than our needs.
Thank You because disappointments made us turn to You. Thank You because your plans are bigger and closed doors help us reflect on the curves on our journey that we might have missed.

Thank God For the Open Doors
For every time I asked, “what next?” You didn’t wait too long to give me an answer. You sent helpers my way even on days I forgot to pray. Oh God! Who can be more merciful? You opened doors no human would have qualified me for and gave me the confidence to walk in them. And even on days I wasn’t grateful because I was more focused on my wants as opposed to my needs, you gave me you. How can You be so faithful, so true to your word?

Thank God for the open doors. The doors that led to new beginnings, new blessings. The doors of new opportunities and the doors that led us to new seasons. Thank you for the doors that almost opened! The doors with flexible handles are signs that they can be open to us. Thank you for the little that we see today.

Thank God For The Miracles We’ll Never Know About
Thank you for the things you didn’t want us to see. This has got to be your greatest show of love, that you will protect us for our own good. Thank you for bearing the cost of our actions or even inaction. For life and health; for organs that work; for family; for love; for friendships. Thank You for protecting these things.

Thank You for the things we lost and the things that remain. Thank You for sanity. Thank you for the unknown.

For going to war on our behalf, For touching the hearts of kings to favour us. For giving our leaders wise counsel. For the peace, we enjoy in some parts of our nation despite the hardship. Thank You because it could have been worse but we know that you fight so many unseen battles for us and we are grateful.

Thank God For The Future
It feels good to know that we are safe with God. I still don’t know what the future holds, but I know that you have my name written on your palms and that means you’ve got me covered. It’s been many years and you haven’t given up on me, this is proof that you have my back until the end of time. Your ability to remain faithful when we are faithless, your overwhelming grace and renewed mercies. You never break your promises nor do you force your will on us. Thank you for wanting the very best for your own. Thank you because You can handle all that we cannot. We thank you in advance for the blessings of the future. Thank You for being a God with a plan. We trust you with our 2018.

Let’s remain thankful for this season. What are you thankful for?

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