The Entertainment Drive In Kaduna Has Been Affected By Crisis, Culture And The Government – Oluwa Natty Opens Up In An Interview

Hello fam, welcome to yet another episode of Vibes With Raj. Today we feature a budding and promising act Known as Oluwa Natty, he talks about his music, and plans he had for 2018.

Read Excerpts of the interview below….

Let’s get to meet you sir, who Is Oluwa Natty?

OluwaNatty is a Musician, song writer. My real names are Nathan Simeon Oluwafemi. I am also a student studying Aeronautics Engineering at the Air force Institute of Technology. I am from Ilasa Amaja, Mushin LG, Lagos.
I see where you get your nick name from, coined from your real name.

Tell us, how did you started off as a musician and a song writer? Is it something you learn or its in you?

Starting off as a musician wasn’t easy at first, the challenges where much! The competition kept on increasing, but then I got to realise that the talent may be same but the craft are different. So I decided to create my own craft in my music whereby I fuse a groovy advice and words of interest in my music which made me standout.

Many artiste sing, rap and remix, but not all know how to create music and something from nothing.

This music thing is in me and I didn’t learn it from anyone. I have been on it since 2010 and its been good! Even dou shuffling with education is not easy as they are both demanding.

Coming up Early into the music industry, how was it for you, What motivates you?

Hm, seriously coming up early into the industry was fun and also competitive. I goto joints, gathering do freestyles people supporting with cash and all that was fun! As I said earlier, my kind of music has a groovy creative content so I wasn’t moved by the competitors but I had to work smart.

What motivates me are the Challenges, Situations (especially in this country), my fans, and surely my family.

How did you manage to have a good fan base in Kaduna and what is the music industry like in Kaduna?

Hm. Talking about Kaduna, the entertainment drive in Kaduna has been affected by crisis, culture, government and the mindset of the northerners. I didn’t grow up in Kaduna dou, I grew up in Lagos got an admission to school in Kaduna.

But coming up as an artiste in Kaduna hasn’t been easy I must tell you, there are lots of obstacles to cross. I grew my fan base due to the comic infusion in my music, Yoruba freestyle on stage in shows, and also keeping good friends and team close.

Talking about shows, Do KD event planners pay you or other of your colleagues when called up for a show?
Yes. Some event planners pay me. Dou it comes ones in a while.

Taking about your songs you have dished out, which one is gaining more attention from your fans?

I just released a new one titled “OhhGod” but “Alubarika” is gaining more attention and more radio plays even outside Kaduna due to the story line and how the dollar is rising along aide the price of pure water… Lol

Yea you new song is the new deal, what’s the inspiration behind “OhhGod”?

That OhhGod eh. I just saw the way some youths try to make money by dubious means and I said to myself, “Why can’t i advice them by reminding them where they come from”?. So I picked up a beat and cried unto God on behalf of the youth chasing money and forgetting the source of their birth.

Apart from being a musical artist, what else do you do?

Aside Music am a website designer, I also do online digital marketing and coaching, I was even an Alaba DJ but I stopped to focus on music, I produce and supply chalk, and am a part time mathematics teacher… Lolz sounds awkward right???

Mehn, jagz of all trade I guess? Haha. Nice one. Music is not suppose to be the only hustle. You got to finance it, so I see where you get your money from

How far with your family and friends, how supportive are they??

Hahaha… Yea. My family are concerned about my schooling oh, they don’t complain about the music dou but they just need the school completed.

My friends are my team! platinum Sounds Entertainment team (#PSE) are my friends and second family, they have been so helpful, I just dropped a viral video of “OhhGod” today directed by one of the team member “SouthBoy” I also featured him in the song.

So my team/friends are great!

Watch Ohh God Video By Oluwa Natty On Youtube:-

Nice one, tell us, which A-List artist do you look up to if there is any?

I look up to OluwaNatty (myself). Because I see myself greater than any artiste. But some inspiration drawn from the likes of Drake, Kanye West and Falz.

Kindly Help us with a list of 5 Naija current songs that you like

My list of 5 naija current songs are:

1. WO by Olamide
2. Go by Tekno
3. Joromi by Simi
4. La Fete by Falz
5. Maradona by Niniola

In Kaduna today, we have a lot of good artist who drops good musical content day in and out, help us with your own list of 5 KD artist songs currently blazing

My list of 5 KD artiste current songs are:

1. Wonder by Elvis ft OluwaNatty (Kea Award winning song of the year)

2. Eyes on me by Voca tha Rapper

3. Zanfada by IBI

4. WO Cover by DJ Cinch

5. Replay by YBE

*”What should we be expecting from oluwa Natty, as the year is coming to an end, we guess you have new plans for 2018?

Yes I have new plans for 2018. I spoke to Classiq and am doing a song with him 2018. I also intend to feature other big acts in Africa and beyond. I will have a new song drop in 2018 and the video will be on Hiptv as well as other big television stations and ofcuz on

D you have any advice for other artist alike and others that look up to you?

My advice for any up and coming act out there is “Be Consistent, the steady wins the race”.

Thanks for having u on vibes with Raj – interview session. Looking forward to host you again.

Thank you VibesOfNaija, I will be happy to be with you again and again… And do have a wonderful celebration season.

DOWNLOAD Oluwa Natty’s New Single Titled “Ohh God” Here

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