Am Working Towards Being Better Than Wizkid Even If People Say We Sound Alike – "Naxee Eleniyan" Opens Up In A Recent Interview [Read]

Hello fam, welome to yet another Exclusive interview Vibes With Raj On
I (Raj) was at a location with Naxee with some other artist that visited kaduna from Lagos for a video shot of which Naxee was to be spot on cameo appearance for the video, so I decided to run a quick interview with him about his struggle in the music industry and also he talked about his plans so far,

Read the Excerpts of the interview below…

Good day Naxee, you recently put out a song titled “Bahd Man” which is currently trending, tell us in detail how did you come about the song, where do you draw your inspiration from and how was the production of the song coordinated?

View And Download Bahd Man By Naxee Here

Well frankly speaking lemme say the beat brought about the title and the whole content of the song
My first single (Number One Lover) was an afro pop kind of music, but the first time I listened to that beat which was a reggae/dance hall genre, I was like lemme bounce on this to give my people something different but unique
Lemme give them something danceable
He never relent in giving his fans what they deserve and I promise not to relent also
And about my inspiration, well I love everything wizkid aka starboy does and I got part or most of my inspiration from him

Don’t you have an issue with your listeners and fans, some people said you sound like Wizkid, especially your intro in your songs

About me sounding like wizkid, well I don’t see that as an issue, anybody can decide to sound like who he or she want to sound like, I can’t say am copying or imitating wizkid but I can say our voice and style of music are alike. And moreover am working towards being better than wizkid.

Tell us, why did you choose to go into music?

Why I chose to go into music. Well lemme put it like this, music chose me, music called me and I answered coz I also have huge interest in it from day one.
Music is something that when I do it, it gives me lot of joy

About your musical career, what has been the input from your family?

Wow my family have been my greatest motivator and source of encouragement since I started music, they are in full support of my music career. Their prayer have been keeping on track for long and am thanking them always for their endless support, and I also promise to make them proud soon.

In the kaduna entertainment industry, how have you been coping to get your gigs right?

Kaduna entertainment industry have been competitive over the years, lots of new act are imagine, lots of shows have occurred, lots of event organizers, show promoters, DJs bloggers have been working hard to put the city on the map. I decide to work with the right people to get things going and moving right for me

Which Kaduna artist do you have a good relationship with and look forward to doing a collabo with?

I have a good relationship with many and am still creating good relationship with a lot of KD entertainers, well looking forward to do a collabo with the likes of P-son, IBI, Clare Jabesh, Yung Millz, Femex, Phobia Mr Akube,DJ cinch, Penny, Nuttyjosh, Mista Skillz and lots more…

Apart from being a musical artist, what else do you do?
Yeah also a graphic designer and a legal hustler…..

We all know music has not started Paying you off, so tell us, how do you fund your music career? Pay for promo, and production fee?

As I have said earlier my parents support my music career both financially, and I got my financial support also from good people who believed in my hustle, and from some God sent individuals

It has been known that most kaduna event planners don’t pay artist for show, and most kaduna artist don’t turn up for event they are not paid for, what’s your take on this??

Well atimes its a give and take stuff, everyone have his or her own rules and regulations, everyone have the way he or she promote their stuffs, I believe if I give myself a class which is worth paying for, am sure the right people will come, if am invited for a show without being payed, its my manager decision for me to go or not, so the final decision lie in the hands of my management.

What’s your plan in taking over the music industry this year? And what should your fans be expecting??

My fans should be expecting something great, dope, interesting, unique from me this year. I believe with my kind and style of music I can achieve a lot this year and take over the music industry, and the most important tool is Gods blessing and Protection!

Give us a quick list, of 5 top naija songs your like, and 5 top kaduna songs your like
11: My top 5 Naija songs goes thus….
1 Wizkid – Manya
2 Mayorkun – Cheche
3 .Temmie ovwasa-Bamidele
4 Reekado banks – Easy Jeje
5 Davido – FIA

And my Kd top 5 songs? Ahhhh this one is strong ooo, they are many but lemme just select randomly..
1 No Lie – P-son
2 Soyayya – Olamilekzy
3 New Assignment – Femex ft Alhaja Zeena
4 IBI – Zanfada
5 Totally – DJ Abba

Any last word to your fans out there? And give a shout out to any of your family and friends out there…

A big shout out to my manager, family, friends, fans, loved once and everyone supporting me, I promised to never fail you all, and am gonna make u proud soon! Iyanu ma shele soonest!!! I still remain your very own NAXEE ELENIYAN………….

Nice having u on our interview session, we at vibesofnaija wish u well in your musical career

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