Government Sponsored Candidate For Students’ Union Government Upcoming Elections in Kogi State University

kogi state University Sug Elections is fast approaching, and many people have been speculating the outcome already, candidates have been ready and waiting patiently for the D-Day
meanwhile, a post on facebook drew our attention, the excerpts are below…….
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Its saddening to see that some of those students leaders i hold at high esteem supports this shameful conduct of the Kogi State government, alleged of imposing sponsored candidates on the students in the upcoming SUG elections.
I weep for the students because the power of the Students Union government Has been hijacked. Students leaders are no longer elected but selected in Kogi state University. Its shameful, and unaccepted. This is Anarchy.
The right of the students to elect their leaders have been defeated.
I advised anyone who’s name is on the sponsored list to post a Disclaimer of having involved himself in this shameful conduct and await the right process of elections to take its cause. We wouldn’t want to vote a student leader who will not challenge the government when the rights of the students are been trampled upon.
Let’s all stand against sponsored candidature of the students union because from the words of Martin Luther -The King “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

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