I Have Been Privileged To Share The Stage With Psquare, Kcee And Other Naija Top Artist, 2018 Is Going To Be Another Wavy Year For Me – Karim Breezy

Hello Vibes Fam. Welcome to yet another episode of Vibes With Raj where I get to interview Budding Artist who is on their way to Stardom. Karim breezy is a wavy artist who have put out some good works last year. He has a unique style that makes him stand out amongst other artist. In a chat with him, he talks about his achievements last year, and the way forward.

Read excerpts of the Interview Below

Good day bro, nice having you here.

Thanks fam!

Let’s get to know you, who is Karim Breezy?

Obviously I’m Karim Breezy! Laugh out loud…
My name is AbdulKarim Bello, popularly known as Karim Breezy. I’m a croccity/Abuja base artist.
Talking about the brand “Karim Breezy”, how was the start up. The story behind it

Started music professionally early 2008, was in a group back then known as FlameSoul. We had our 1st single produced by (the rich and Famous crooner) Praiz.
2008, one could easily guess how hard it was convincing our parents about being a musician. So it took a while before I could tell them.
By the year 2011 I was privileged to have shared the same stage with P Square and Kcee and some Other Nigerian A-list artist.
Lots and lots of story which am sure would take the whole day but really it’s been a long time coming and I’m grateful for where I’m right now..


 In Kaduna today, we learnt most event planners don’t pay artist, what’s your take on this?

 I wouldn’t know much about that because I’ve been paid for almost every event turned up for. But uhm I think if an artist is not being paid, it’s because he/she haven’t worked hard enough to be valuable or to be an asset in the industry.

 I learnt most of this event planners don’t even have a good sponsor or better sponsor, they run the events on their own expenses, yet most kaduna artist complain about not being paid, in your own little way how do you intend to support this event planners since most of them claim they are supporting your art by giving you a platform to perform on?
First of all, why would an event planner put up a show and don’t have a budget for artist who would be on these platform.
In my own way I could easily support them by performing without requesting for anything, other than these upcoming artist should be paid for their services rendered. They deserve to be paid. For real.

Kindly tell us, your highlights and lowlights of 2017.

OK my highlights
I kick started 2017 by performing at the 5th annual Gora Street Carnival in kakuri, and my performance was epic and the crowd was massive. After that my team and I had put up a Guts Talent Show (kids edition) early March and (Teens Edition) which I had also displayed a remarkable performance. I was a guest artist in the 1st edition of the labour room reality TV show and also the Sarauniya beauty pageant and lots more….
Then lowlights. Really didn’t have much of that, I mean every stepped been took was successful.

Giving a rational review, how would you rate your music and style?

My music is great (with to much sauce), From the response and feedbacks I’ve collected I’d rate it 100% and my style is very unique which makes me Karim Breezy.

You have been up on your game and delivered in style, what are your plans for 2018?
A lot! We did worked tirelessly in 2017 so we could put out good stuffs, yea! This year promise to be even bigger and better, we breaking boundaries and we bringing something totally different to the table, more visuals and more live concerts from my team and I.

 You talked about your team, kindly highlight on it, are you signed or into any record deal?
I’ve Got a team, yea! A team turn family, but basically I’m not allowed to disclose any information yet, but full details would be out soon!

 Tell us, in the Kaduna Entertainment industry, who is your biggest competition?
The sky is big enough, so I don’t have any.

How well do you relate with other kaduna based artist and how do you guys support each other?

Perfectly fine, I mean crockcity based artists tends to get the sauce, so each time we link up its nothing other than saucy vibes, and yea, we do well in supporting each others dreams and if anyone tell you otherwise, he/she is probably is just being a hater ✌

Recently, you post on your social media handle about haters and fake people, plz tell us about it?

Nothing really, just trying to make a statement that we don’t accommodate fake vibes around. I mean, that’s why I’m on Vibesofnaija, good vibes only! (Smiles)

If you are asked to pick your top 5 song of naija A List artist, which would make your list??

Let’s come down to kaduna, which are your top five trendy songs of 2017

Download: Music: Karim Breezy – Wavy 

 So tell us, are you engaged (lover) if yes, what has been her input in your career, if no, tell us why?

lol! That’s some tough question there bruh!
But Nope, I I’m not.
Why because I’ve got my mind focused on music and I don’t want to be distracted..

Tell us about your relationship with your family, how are they supporting your brand??
My family has been very supportive in all ways. I think I wouldn’t have come this far without their support, especially my mum. She oftentimes stays late nights, either waiting for me to come back home or pray for my dreams to come through.

 Before we go off, do you have any last word for your fans? What should they be expecting from you soon?

First of, i want everybody who has been supporting the Karim Breezy brand from day to know that I sincerely and honestly appreciate the love and support, it has really been massive and overwhelming.
Got lots of project on ground and hopefully I’d be dropping a single soonest, y’all should anticipate, I sure ain’t relenting this year.

Nice having you on Mr Karim breezy, me and the vibesofnaija team wish u success in your musical career.

thank you!

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